What Should I Tell My Date About Myself?


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There are things that must be done and said on a date, and then, there are things that are best not raised on a date. “Open your heart out and she will be yours" -Taboos for dating and a sure shot recipe for a disaster waiting to happen. Much has been said about the issues related to maintenance of trust between couples, but the bottom line is always the same. Don’t invade one’s privacy and don’t expose some part of your own too. Some things are best left unsaid. They must never cross over into the realms of discussion, lest you end up dateless. Don’t miff your date by doing or saying things about yourself, which you are going to regret at a later point in time.

Here are a few tips which must be followed to ensure that the date passes off smoothly and you get a chance to go out with the individual again. These are a collection of tried and tested steps, ignored to the peril of the person not adhering to it, which have been suggested by modern philosophers and dating experts. They are absolute gems of wisdom which are splattered around on the internet and hidden in the lines of modern-day mushy dating book. These are the subtleties which are not adequately emphasized in the Dating Etiquettes sheets and suggestion books, but are essential and best learnt from others experience. The topics which should not be discussed while on a date with your partner unless you want to ruin the date as enumerated below:

  • Don’t discuss your last date, especially if it was with a different partner. A definite NO, lest the partner think that you were better of with him/her. Make the person feel that you are having a gala time now and be assured that your next date is booked.

  • Never discuss your former spouse, girlfriend or boyfriend. The person with you in least interested in knowing what the previous occupant of the chair was like. Don’t make him/her think that you are laying standards for behavior.

  • Don’t discuss money or the lack of it on a date; especially on a date. The person sitting next might begin to think that the date itself is a burden on you and might make a quick exit, never to be seen again!

  • Never speak about your past *** escapades, especially with a new date. No one is interested in your *** prowess until the chance arrives and you just might poof off then. Your reputation is ruined forever. So don’t discuss your past intimacies! Steer far away from this topic. Don’t even talk about it! This would be your best bet in your new relationship if you don’t want to create waves.

  • Cheated on your previous partner? Never utter a word about it. You open your mouth and the next moment, the person sitting next to you is planning on exit strategies. No one will like to take a chance with a cheater and especially on a date.

  • Don’t gossip about the partner’s friends or known acquaintances. You never know what she thinks of the person under the discussion. She will judge you on the feedback that you are giving him/her on a third party. Never advisable. A strict NO!

  • Finally, don’t say things that are not important enough to be brought up on a date about you. If its important enough, she/he will ask and get a clarification. If you are having a problem, let the relationship develop and then there will always be a better time to get it out of the system. Remember, on a date its best to listen if you don’t have much to talk. Don’t prove people that you are stupid by opening your mouth, when your ears should have been open.

    You must have got a good idea about the taboo topics relating to your characteristics on a date are. These are a few and a number of other exists too, but its best to learn a few at time and carry on the learning curve. Enjoy the date and see it blossom into a relationship by not saying things about yourself you will live to regret later. “Silence is GOLDEN; when it related to your sins “– is the motto of the survival today.

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