Creating Attraction with Women in a Relaxed Environment


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I've talked to several people recently who feel like their results in meeting women aren't where they'd like to be because of how much anxiety they are feeling with talking to women. They still aren't comfortable with it and are having lots of anxiety when they go to bars and clubs.

So, one of the suggestions I've had for them that I believe could also possibly help you out is to MAKE IT EASIER ON YOURSELF. That's right. . . if you're always trying to develop your habits of being attractive to women in high stress environments, it may be a little too overwhelming.

Here's one of my suggestions to them and I think it may help you out as well. Go somewhere that you make “forced friends. "

Forced friends are people who you see a lot and, by default, end up becoming friends with you because. . . they have to see you and interact with you a lot.

Places where you usually can develop forced friends are classes, work, and activity clubs(book clubs etc. ).

The second requirement to make this work is that the place you go to has to have a good ratio of women to men.

So, where do these places exist? Actually, there are plenty of them around. There's probably a lot more than you realize.

Most of them just aren't exactly things that all guys want to go do. You could join yoga classes, cooking classes, go to colleges, join activism groups that have lots of females in them, and a lot of other things.

But, the ABSOLUTE best places to go for this type of thing is dance classes. And the BEST types of dance classes to go to are swing and salsa.

There are so many good things that come from learning how to dance and going to dance classes that even if you don't need to make it easier on yourself, you still need to go to these places.

What's so great about these classes? Well, let's see. . . first off, there's always WAY more girls than guys. Most of the guys are there because of how easy it is to meet women there and are typically pretty bad at socializing with anyone. So, if you have any ability at being a cool guy at all, to the girls there you'll be like a really shiny object to someone with severe ADD.

Secondly, there's lots of physical contact. You have a great excuse to touch girls and get used to touching them(and get them used to you touching them).

Third, you learn how to lead women to do what you want them to. You become a leader by default. Its great practice to develop the habit of leading girls in the direction that you want to lead them.

Lastly, you have a totally legitimate excuse to walk up and talk to them. You're both there to dance, what could possibly be an easier approach than that?

There couldn't possibly be a better place to develop the habits of socializing and creating attraction with women than these places. And if you go to a class, they usually have you rotate around to everyone in the class so you HAVE to meet just about EVERY girl there. Then, it won't be nearly as awkward when you walk up and talk to them.

I've dated several women from social swing and salsa dances and many of them are more interesting and fun than the girls you meet in bars and clubs. Personally, I don't think there's a better commitment that you could make other than right now deciding that you're going to sign up for the next salsa or swing group dance class that is available.

Go to the dance classes, get used to being around women and develop the habits of creating attraction with women in an environment that makes it a lot easier. You'll be thanking me once you do.

Matt Buschbacher teaches men all across the world how to meet and date women. He offers books, audio programs, seminars and workshops where he takes people into social venues and teaches them how to meet women. Visit his site at and download a free sample of his book as well as get other great information about women and dating that will cut years off of your learning process.


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