Dating Tips for Boomer Women- Attraction in Action - Why Do the Wrong Men Notice Me?

Ronnie Ann Ryan

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Are You in Touch with Your Feminine Allure?
If you've been on a dating hiatus, it's possible you have disconnected from your feminine allure. That means you may have lost touch with your own sensuality and your innate power of attraction. Allure is every woman's birth right. It's your genetic heritage and nature's game plan to ensure survival of the species.

Self-Care Builds Self-Esteem
When you start to get back into dating mode, women might find themselves spending more time on self-care. Primping indicates a woman who values her body and looks and takes good care of what she's got. This is a very good thing!
Pampering builds confidence and self esteem.

Often therapists talk to clients about loving yourself first and self-care is a great step on that journey. This can range from a new hair style or make up, to new clothes, weight loss, getting in shape, etc.
How to Know When Your Allure is Working
You can tell if you allure is switched on by how others react to you. Friends, family, acquaintances and even strangers will provide the feedback to recognize that something is changing and you are on the right track. Often the first to say something will be the women in your life, commenting on how pretty you look. Women are nurturing and kind by nature, often acknowledging and complimenting those close to them.

Next will be the men in your life who start noticing a difference in your appearance. They'll tell you how pretty you look or that you're wearing a nice outfit and may greet you more warmly.
Some Men Are More Willing to Risk Rejection
As your self-esteem rises, so will your allure.

That's when men outside your circle will start to notice you too. These will likely be the men you wish wouldn't notice you because you don't find them that attractive. They are often a bit oblivious to your non-verbal cues (which normally keeps them away) which permits them to risk rejection and approach you anyway.

Don't Jump to Conclusions
At this point, some women freak out, complaining that all the wrong men are attracted to them. Or wonder what's wrong that these unappealing fellows are the only ones who think they're attractive. And as a result, they may jump to conclusions that there are no good men.

Sadly, this can be the undoing of a woman's hard work to improve her allure.
Proof of Your Increasing Allure
But in truth, this is the crucial turning point. Here's a more positive way to think about the attention from less than desirable men. They are MEN who find you ATTRACTIVE. The Universe is giving you proof of your powerful allure and the fact that your own appeal is getting stronger.
Flattery Fuels Your Allure to New Heights
If you find this happening to you, reframe the situation in your mind so that you feel flattered. You don't have to marry the flatterer, date him, or give him your number. But you can be grateful that he has provided valuable feedback that you are attractive. Use that knowledge to fuel your self-esteem and allure to even higher levels - where you start to attract attention from the men you do want to notice you.
A Grateful Attitude Is Very Appealing
So the next time you are walking down the street and some stranger whistles, makes chauvinistic “cat calls" or pays you an unwanted compliment, in your own mind, say “Thank you. " Thank you for noticing my allure. Thank you for finding me attractive. Thank you for reminding me of and acknowledging my feminine allure. That's when you'll discover that gratefulness dramatically increases your magnetism – particularly among the people you prefer to attract.

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