Dating Tips for Boomer Women- Men Are People Too!

Ronnie Ann Ryan

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You're out at a singles’ event hoping to meet Mr. Right. So, why is it that all the wrong men are there? Where do the “good" men hang out? As a Dating Coach, I hear this question a lot. There are several answers and all of them may surprise you.

1) Is Your Guard Up or Do Men Find You Approachable?
When you go out, you usually hang with your girlfriends, facing each other directly and talking up a storm. Did you know that you are sending non-verbal cues that you aren't open to anyone else?. Think about this from a man's perspective.

Even if a fellow thinks you're attractive, there isn't a way to easily break into your conversation. As a woman, this is your job! Talk with friends, but take time to look around the room, make eye contact and smile at people. That's one way to send the vibe that you're friendly and approachable.
2) Are You Willing to Talk to Men and Get to Know Them?
When a guy walks over to strike up a conversation, you usually shut him down immediately. That's because he's not really your type. He's too short, heavy, bald, poorly dressed, unattractive, etc.

Some things are incredibly obvious. But often people make snap judgments that are dead wrong. How will you know if you are right? If you can just give a guy a chance and talk to him for a few minutes, you might discover he's interesting.

Just because a man doesn’t fit your perfect picture, doesn’t mean you should blindly send him packing.
3) Did You Know “Good Guys" Are Often Shy Guys?
Here's another reason that's even more important. The good guys can often by shy guys who are watching how you interact with bolder men.

If you turn away prospects abruptly, no shy guy will take the chance on you. And that is your loss, not his. So think twice before you immediately reject someone because men notice how you treat others.

4) Do You Believe “What Goes Around Comes Around?"
It's not that easy to walk across a room and speak to a stranger. Remember that men are people too. They have feelings, can be sensitive, and have fragile egos. Choosing to be kind, even if you are not interested will serve you in the long run. That's because kindness often returns, although not always directly. This is part of the “What goes around comes around" philosophy of life that most people experience as the way of the world. The only obvious exceptions are when a man treats you poorly or threatens your safety. Then, feel free to do what ever is necessary to be smart and protect yourself.
5) Improve Your Attractiveness - Relax and Be Yourself.
When you start thinking about men being people too, you take the pressure off meeting Mr. Perfect, let your guard down and can start to just enjoy getting to know them. And that allows you to be yourself which is always very attractive. The more men you talk to, the more comfortable you'll be – great practice for when you do encounter one of the “good guys. " Try being friendly and treating men like regular people. You'll be surprised at how quickly the positive feedback starts coming your way.

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