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Articles about or concerning Dating for Boomers, The Baby Boomer Generation, Dating After 40.
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Begin A Love Adventure Through Online Mature Dating

 Ezra Romneyson (December 23, 2012)  You are one of those older guys that just have not found the perfect lady to entrust to? Maybe, you simply needed to have that special someone and settle down again after an unsuccessful matrimony. However, online dating for older men is especially difficult. If you're determined enough yet, over 50 dating could be the option to your dilemma. It is expected that mature dating .. (Dating for Boomers)

Helping Cougars Find True Love

 Leo Lin (March 30, 2012)  Have you seen all of the new love connections that were made at in 2011? This is a website that is designed to help older women meet the younger man of their dreams. Not only does the website help the women connect with the right guy, but they also can meet women who share similar life experiences, backgrounds, and tastes. By becoming a member of this dating .. (Dating for Boomers)

Christian church Network

 S. Nest (March 26, 2010)  iChurchNetwork, the virtual Christian church network is one of the most flawless Christian single network that guides you to achieve mental peace through different discussions, forums and sharing prayers. It’s the lively virtual Christian friends’ network, where our individual life remains far away and gives us a heaven like feeling. Our existence lies in a busy and fast .. (Dating for Boomers)

Older Dating - Things to Remember

 Serena Hinds (September 07, 2009)  The concept of older dating is becoming very popular with women deciding to have some fun. They are done with age old idea of wasting away life in case of a failed marriage or a death. The new band of older women is ready to experience life fully and this is one of the best ways to do it. The first thing to remember is to be self-confident and to do everything with a touch of flair. .. (Dating for Boomers)

Baby Boomer Women - Meeting and Dating a Man For a Serious and Long-Term Relationship

 Connie Ragen Green (November 20, 2008)  Relationships are wonderful when everything is going well, but that can take a lot of time and effort. If you are a boomer woman wanting to meet a new man, you must be willing to put in that time and effort or the relationship will not have a chance of surviving to the next stage. Men and women have very different points of view when it comes to relationships. Men commit to a woman .. (Dating for Boomers)

If I Were Only Eighteen Again!

 Sandra Hart (September 18, 2008)  I'm in love with the guy who is painting my house. Well, not in a ‘Love’ love way, but in a sort of “if I were only 18 again" way. When I saw my painter balancing two stories high on a ladder with a paint can held by one finger, I was convinced painting houses was just his hobby. There was no doubt in my mind that on his ‘real work’ days he was in the ring .. (Dating for Boomers)

Over 50 Online Dating - Enjoy Dating in Your Prime Years

 Danielle Olivia (August 25, 2008)  Over 50 online dating is “in" nowadays. There are sites that host such social event for people who never seem to get over dating, even in their prime years. They are commended for people who are still single or may have been separated. You can date online just for fun or you can also do that if you are seriously looking for a partner or a companion. The advent of the internet .. (Dating for Boomers)

Dating Advice For Boomer Women Do Your Actions Line Up With Your Intentions and Desires?

 Ronnie Ann Ryan (July 30, 2008)  Elaine is 54, single, and an extremely busy executive with a job that is all consuming. Two weeks ago she went on a first date with Daniel, and she was complaining to me how he hadn't called. She was surprised and confused to report that he had left a message just that day to set up their next date. Elaine felt angry and apathetic about the second date. Two weeks was too long to wait .. (Dating for Boomers)

Dating Advice For Boomers How to Make Sure You Are Not Dating a Crook

 Peter Galaghan (July 29, 2008)  It has been a while since your last date. I understand that venturing into a dating world after a long absence can be difficult. But if you are used to dating then that is okay. But how do you know that you are not dating a crook. You must have heard stories that some sick people are taking advantage of people who have not date for a while, some may con people into giving away money and . (Dating for Boomers)

Finding a Meaningful Relationship 4 Simple Tips For Looking in the Right Places

 Linda Pucci (July 28, 2008)  Many people are looking for meaningful relationships. Good relationships can lengthen your life span, impact your health, and bring great satisfaction and joy to your life. But sometimes it can be tough to figure out where to look. When you are looking for a meaningful relationship the key is to start looking in the right places. Here are some tips: 1. Look in places where you are .. (Dating for Boomers)

Dating Someone New - 3 Steps to See If You Are Ready to Start a Relationship With a New Person

 Connie Ragen Green (July 20, 2008)  How will you know when it is time to begin dating again? If you are a baby boomer and have been out of the dating scene for many years, you may be wondering if you will ever be ready to take that step and meet the right person again. As we get older our lives become much more complicated. Dealing with work, raising children, caring for elderly parents, and thinking about our own health . (Dating for Boomers)

30 and Single? Experiences With the Dating Scene Over Thirty

 Sterges Mcormick (July 09, 2008)  So your thirty and happen to be single? Maybe you have woken up one morning only to realize that you wont to start a family. This article's purpose is not to provide answers to the problem of dating in your thirties, only to state the difficulties that arise that people past the age of thirty come up against. Past the age of thirty you generally have your life goals pretty well .. (Dating for Boomers)

Why Online Dating is Perfect For Seniors

 David M. Perkins (June 28, 2008)  First of all, I should say that most people I know, who are over the age of fifty, bristle at being called ‘seniors. ’ They don't consider themselves old, they resent the mail they receive from AARP, and they won't even accept the discounts available at movie theatres, restaurants, and other commercial establishments, at least until they cross over the sixty mark. Then, they . (Dating for Boomers)

Women in Midlife - Living Single Everyday

 Clara Freeman (June 24, 2008)  Do not for a moment, get it twisted and think that women in transition are lying about pining away for a man! nooo, far from it. In fact, my friend who has made a prosperous career from her freelance consulting/writing business is hardly ever available for some good old fashioned girl's night out. . . due in part to her social dating calendar of quality men she deems having the .. (Dating for Boomers)

Making the Most of the Senior Dating Sites

 Chaim Golz (June 18, 2008)  There are numerous senior dating web sites available that choosing the best one to join is a bit like looking for a needle in a haystack. Many offer similar options but ensure you read all the small print before registering with one. Some senior dating web sites actually state within this print that they will and can sell, distribute and trade your personal information or data to .. (Dating for Boomers)

Online Senior Dating Tips For Christians

 David Butler (May 23, 2008)  Did you know that half of all online dating is done by seniors? That's right, it appears that baby boomers are really into online dating. I guess life really does begin after 40! So, are you one of the many Christian singles out there into midlife and interested in finding a date, companion or mate? There are certain many benefits to senior dating including a greater pool of potential .. (Dating for Boomers)

Online Dating for Seniors

 Milos Pesic (April 01, 2008)  Many people who are single are over the age of 45 - about a third of all American singles to be exact. Online dating services have become more popular among singles too, and this can be a great opportunity for you to consider. If you are over that age and are looking for love you should consider online dating for seniors. Online dating for seniors can help you to find love and get a .. (Dating for Boomers)

Dating for Baby Boomers - New Rules For Dating If You Are Over Fifty

 Connie Ragen Green (December 21, 2007)  Baby boomers fall into a unique category if they suddenly find themselves in the middle of the dating scene again. We have been there and done that, but it seems like the rules have changed since we were dating years ago. This is what I have learned about the dating process now that I am over fifty. Going on a date has become much more complicated. You will both have careers, .. (Dating for Boomers)

Dating Tips for Boomer Women- Men Are People Too!

 Ronnie Ann Ryan (June 16, 2007)  You're out at a singles’ event hoping to meet Mr. Right. So, why is it that all the wrong men are there? Where do the “good" men hang out? As a Dating Coach, I hear this question a lot. There are several answers and all of them may surprise you. 1) Is Your Guard Up or Do Men Find You Approachable? When you go out, you usually hang with your girlfriends, facing each other .. (Dating for Boomers)

Dating Tips for Boomer Women- Attraction in Action - Why Do the Wrong Men Notice Me?

 Ronnie Ann Ryan (June 16, 2007)  Are You in Touch with Your Feminine Allure? If you've been on a dating hiatus, it's possible you have disconnected from your feminine allure. That means you may have lost touch with your own sensuality and your innate power of attraction. Allure is every woman's birth right. It's your genetic heritage and nature's game plan to ensure survival of the species. Self-Care Builds .. (Dating for Boomers)

Single and Dating? What's Age Got To Do With It?

 Judy Armes (June 11, 2007)  The concept of “Age" is mysterious to me. Other cultures seem to “respect their elders", seek advice and guidance from them and demonstrate loyalty and pride for the older members of their families and communities. Only in our American culture is age considered 1) a condition to be avoided, 2) an inevitability to be hidden and 3) evidence of decline. Age as it relates to .. (Dating for Boomers)

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