Scars that run deeper than skin

Archika Sudhanshu

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Seeing people vowing to stand beside each other through thick and thin, one can only wonder if that’s where true happiness and the meaning of a relationship lie. Looking at the smiles of couples, one craves for the intimacy making the grass seem greener on the other side, but in reality how green is it, remains the question. An online survey revealed that 6 out of 10 people were unhappy in their relationship. Their unhappiness may have different reasons, but everybody longs for a healthy relationship, however a major number of people fail to understand what a healthy relationship is or what they exactly want out of a relationship. The goal of a relationship should not be merely gratification but also development and growth in the space of one’s mind, heart and soul. Sharing beds and not aspirations, even though they may have loving arms around, one will feel incomplete for the lack of understanding of the unspoken words.

People fail at traditional relationships because they ignore their own needs in order to fulfill their partner’s and this goes to lengths one can only imagine. Instead of going with the flow, they end up going against it. Over the time people lose their identity and become whatever the relationship requires them to be which is not only frustrating but also wrong and demeaning for oneself. If that is how you are spending your time with your partner, then you might have better off alone.

Turning your traditional relationship into a conscious one, you can reach the level of immense understanding and mutual consent which greatly focuses on growth – physical, mental and spiritual. A conscious relationship focuses on truth, honesty and acceptance over anything. It lets one be however they are, it is widely assumed that speaking your heart out may get you in trouble but here it works wonder. It lets people see you without a mask on. A relationship without the fear of judgment with a partner who accepts you the way you are without wanting to change you according to them, is all that one wants from life. All this may sound difficult but not one bit of it is impossible. A conscious relationship’s goal is not to grant true love of a fairytale; love is true in every form and it is the fuel for the journey where on this journey, people end up finding more than true love in each other and themselves.

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