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Get him back forever - How to get your boyfriend back


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Estrangement and separation before or after a marriage spells the end of all the dreams and hopes for a happy life together, so a divorce or separation is equally taxing for both partners. Depending on the time that you spent with each other and the circumstances of the break up, you may want to get back together, so here are some tips on how to get your boyfriend or ex husband back.

If you want to get your partner back, it is essential to understand that mind games and manipulation may not be pretty, but they do work. There are a plethora of “how to get your ex back" guides online that advocate the use of womanly charms or, getting a makeover or psychological tricks to wiggle your way into your man's heart. Then there are make him jealous’ tricks. Used alone these could be thought of as gimmicks. But in reality they aren't. They are time tested strategies that happen in normal relationships all the time naturally. It is simply that they have been categorised and made simple to apply.

One argument against these tactics is that somehow you may not be able to hold on to him in the long run. That nothing has really changed in the relationship or in you. But actually, that is false. The truth is that by trying out new approaches you genuinely do change, and your partner will notice the difference.

Women assume they know best about relationships and that ‘none of that manipulation stuff would work on their man’. But actually, that's nonsense. It is the reason why women go out with men who they honestly don't even like as much as most of their friends, and yet they are sufficiently attracted to them that it is those guys they choose to be around. It is precisely because those guys CAN manipulate their emotions that they are around them in the first place.

Why not turn the tables?

Begin by analyzing what went wrong and how you feel about it. Ask yourself why you want your partner back and if you truly do want to rekindle the relationship. There is no point in trying to get your man back with question marks looming over your head. You also need to understand why you are keen on reconciliation, is it because you love the man and feel that the relationship can survive or is it because your ego has been hurt or because you feel that you cannot move on?

Before you blindly follow a ‘get your ex back’ guide, by all means remember that there are no hard and fast text book solutions to get your man back. A lot will depend on the reason for separation and the circumstances surrounding the divorce or estrangement. But in most cases it is amazing how formulaic sounding approaches can work wonders. Most women THINK that their relationship is somehow odd and different from others. And that the breakup was very unique. But that is rarely true. Most breakups are very similar when you really break down the reasons that made them happen. So don't be shy about seeking solutions. They have worked for others, and they can work for you.


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How to Get Your Ex Boyfriend Back - Work With His Natural Instincts and Win Him .
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