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Get Boyfriend Back - How You Can Get Your Boyfriend Back This Week


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When you break up with someone, time apart can do you both good and allow you to evaluate things, but if you want to get your boyfriend back you don't want to give it too much time. You need to act while the good memories of the relationship are still fresh in their mind, and before he begins dating other people. If you leave it too long you may have already lost him before you even start. But you aren't going to make that mistake, as this step-by-step guide will help you get your boyfriend back.

What Went Wrong The First Time?

When the two of you first met, you both were probably on your best behaviour and wanted to show yourselves in the best way possible. You probably also put up with each others small faults and habits. But after being together for a while, and once you were more comfortable with each other, you probably didn't care so much about how you came across, did you? He may have started to take you fro granted and didn't appreciate the things you did for him. You may have become a little pushy and get on at him for little things? It doesn't really matter what went wrong, it matters that you learn from it. If you want to get your boyfriend back, you need to know what went wrong to begin with.

Fix It

Any problems that you may have caused in the relationship, you have to face these and ensure that you aren't going to make the same mistakes again. Be honest with yourself and really look at what things you did wrong or could have done better. Don't get me wrong though, I'm sure he did things wrong as well, but it is too easy to just blame everything on his habits and bad communication skills. These may have been a big factor in the problems in the relationship, and the reasons for the break-up, but so were you and your reactions to these faults. You must deal with these little things better. If there are things about him that annoy you, you have to learn to deal with them, or ask yourself if you really want your ex back. Everyone makes mistakes and there is no shame in it. The shame is in not learning from these mistakes to make sure that you have a better and stronger relationship.

Making Contact

For your sake and the sake of your relationship, I hope that you haven't bombarded him with constant text messages and emails begging him to take you back. This is really going to put him off you as nothing turns a guy of more than someone that is clingy and needy, and you may be starting to act like a stalker. If you have done these things, you may have already shot yourself in the foot and made it impossible to fix the relationship. If you haven't, great, lets move on to how you can get your boyfriend back. The first thing you need to do is find a way to see him, that doesn't seem like your just looking for an excuse to see him. Have a party and invite him and a few of his friends to it or have a night out with a group of friends and invite them along as well. Or think of something fun the two of you used to do together and invite him to do it again. Keep it casual and concentrate on having fun with him instead of trying to get him back. This will make him remember how much he enjoyed spending time with you and remember the good times in the relationship.

Be Open And Flexible

There are bound to be some issues that need to be addressed, so once you have got to the point where you are talking again and are comfortable in each others company, ask him to talk about those issues. Let him get everything out in the open and say what he wants to say. I don't mean that you have to let him get his own way with everything, and you shouldn't just give into his every demand. But hear him out and let him get everything out that he wants to. If he doesn't then allow you to do the same and won't listen to what you have to say, the guy clearly doesn't respect you and you would be better off without him.

Even if the reasons weren't obvious to you, he obviously ended the relationship for a reason, and you have to face up to these if you want to have a lasting, happy relationship with him. He may be uncomfortable opening up and telling you the problems he had with the relationship, but tell him that you have to understand what went wrong, so that you can learn from them and work on those problems.

It will probably take you less time than you may think to get your boyfriend back, but you need a plan to do so. If you want to be taken step-by-step through a proven plan to get your ex back, check out this system.

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