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Will a Woman Stay With You If She Thinks You Don't Love Her?

Teddy Shabba

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Sometimes the questions that you aren't consciously aware you are asking yourself after a woman breaks up with you are part of the reasons why you are attempting to get her back in a very disempowering way.

For instance, after the break up have you found yourself trying to explain to her just how much you Love and care for her, even now after she has already told you it is over?

Right now, as you are reading this, take a moment to ask yourself what question you would have to be asking yourself in order to tell her just how much you love her.

One question that might come into your mind is. . .

"Did she think that I didn't love her enough?"

Of course, whether you like it or not after a woman breaks up with you your Love for her is an irrelevant part of the equation especially if you did.

Just so you know, a woman will stay with a man that she Loves and is attracted to even if she doesn't think that he loves her because she will rationalize it in her mind in whatever way that she must. In other words, her breaking up with you has nothing to do with your Love for her and everything to do with the amount of attraction that she has for you which at this moment is very low. In fact, the more you express your undying love for her the greater the chances of her becoming less and less attracted to you assuming that she can be any less attracted to you.

Now, the even worse news is the more disempowering ways you attempt to get her back the greater your chances of ending up with a woman who will have completely disempowered you because that is what you are setting yourself up for. Hopefully, you are wondering now what it is you should do in order to get her back. Well, truth the truth is the best thing for you to do is to move on and begin creating the kind of life for yourself that empowers you and allows you to attract women in an empowering way.

That way if she ever does decide that she made a mistake (which she might not) you will then be at a place in life where you can make an empowering decision in regards to the relationship that you and her can have together.

Teddy Shabba is the creator of the DateLess Method which helps men naturally attract women in a way that is empowering for everyone involved.

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