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How to Get an Ex Girlfriend Back - Get an Ex Girlfriend Back With These 3 Easy First Steps


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Learning how to get an ex girlfriend back starts with your complete understanding of the current situation and how it got to this point. You certainly don't want to drive her further away and if you make the right moves you won't. What went wrong between you and your ex girlfriend? Why did one of you decide to run for the hills? The good news is that in most cases broken relationships are salvageable. It is very possible for you to get your ex girlfriend back by taking the right steps.

So where do you go from here?

Before you launch your campaign ask yourself some very critical questions because you are really going to need to put your heart into this.

1) Did you breakup over something very trivial?

In other words is it even worth going through this effort? Maybe you just need to have a conversation with your ex girlfriend to clean the slate, no big deal. . . . It happens all the time, a big argument leads to a breakup over a very minor situation that just got out of control.
Many break-up's could have been avoided or can be rekindled quickly once you both realize that the argument was totally unnecessary in the first place. Once you both see this you can laugh about it and move on if both of you could simply set the tension aside and talk. . .

2) Is the timing right to make a move?

Timing is important depending on the severity of the breakup. If you broke up over something minor than you really don't need to wait however if you broke up over something major like cheating then there needs to be an adequate “cooling off" period. The next step to get your ex girlfriend back starts with you being yourself. Don't try and be someone else, let your true self shine through, your ex girlfriend will appreciate it. If you and your ex girlfriend broke up over something major then let things cool down a bit before you reach out to her.

Once the timing is right and the drama is played out you can approach however keep in mind that above all you want to become her friend first. Sometimes it makes sense to go back to the basics and start over when things get crooked on you. Positive communication is key here, keep the negatives out and you will have a very good shot at getting your ex girlfriend back.

Eventually your ex girlfriend will ask herself why the two of you are apart? This will only happen if you play it super cool and distance yourself from the relationship. Your focus is on creating a pleasant dialogue with your ex girlfriend, don't bring up the relationship or you run the risk of rekindling negative emotion.

3) Most important: Do you really love your ex girlfriend deep down?

is this the person that you think of as your soul mate? In order for you to get your ex girlfriend back you must understand why you broke up in the first place. Relationships take work; both parties need to give their fair share, which is why it is important for you to do some soul searching before you do anything else.

I know that this may sound hard to believe but there are magic words you can use to get what you want especially if it is a return phone call that you're after.

Certain words will nearly cast a spell and make your ex feel almost compelled to return your call, watch this video and see for yourself.

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