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The signs of a cheater will vary from person to person. However, the problem is that there are so many that it is extremely difficult to list them all. The cheating signs will be person based so what applies to one won't necessarily apply to another.

In order to spot the signs of a cheater in your mate, you first need a base to start from. That base is the person that your mate is. Their behaviors, likes and dislikes, mannerisms and such determine who they are. Those traits will change to a more or lesser degree if they are cheating. Change is what you need to be looking for.

What do I mean by change? Well let's say that your husband goes through a specific routine every day. He leaves for work at around the same time and comes home at around the same time. Maybe he even calls you on his lunch hour. Suddenly you see that pattern begin to change. He starts calling less frequently, leaves earlier or comes home later. Any changes you see may very well be a sign he is cheating. This is what I mean by change.

Keep in mind that not all changes definitely mean he is cheating. Any sign can have a perfectly rational explanation. However, you should still have a little warning flag go up just in case.

Changes may appear on an emotional level. If they've always been calm and laid back they may suddenly appear to be more anxious. If they've always worn a particular style of clothing and now it's changed to something else, flag it. Any emotional changes that you see that simply don't fit the personality of your mate might very well be a warning that you need to be concerned.

In fact, any changes that you observe in their emotions, behavior, hygiene and/or personality should be noted.

Now the question is, once you see several of the signs of a cheater, what do you do? Well can't very well confront them because you still have no actual proof and that is exactly what you need. Without the proof, they can simply lie their way out of the confrontation and start being more careful. You need to learn how to gather the proof that they can't deny.

Start by looking for the signs of a cheater and then learn how to gather the evidence. It's your life and your future at stake here. You deserve the best.

Learn the secret methods to gather the evidence you need to put an end to the cheating once and for all. SIGNS OF A CHEATER

signs of a cheater

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3 Sure Shot Ways To Catch A Cheater - You Must Know These Before It's Too Late
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