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Relationship Problem Advice Win Your Ex Back


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In this edition of Relationship Problem advice we are going to go over the best way to salvage a relationship and get back together with your ex. There is definitely a right way and a wrong way to go about this. Fortunately, with the proper guidance and a bit of planning, you can greatly increase the chances of turning things around and winning your ex back.

Immediately stop all behavior that comes across and hard up or desperate. Examples of demanding/pushy behavior are things like calling every day, nonstop email or texting, arguments about the relationship and so on.

You see, the more you pressure your ex, the more they pull back from you. This is completely normal, it's human nature. Keep in mind, when you throw yourself at someone, you give up all your personal power. Your ex is put off by that.

Try working with human nature for a change. This is done by allowing your ex some space. Absolutely no contact for a couple weeks, maybe a month or more.

When you give them plenty of space, you're showing that you're independent and strong. . . and you can live without them. . This will usually make them interested again. Why? Because it's human nature to be attracted towards a person who appears distant and unobtainable.

During this time period of giving them their space, be sure to involve yourself in plenty of positive activities. Get going on some of those goals you've been stalling on, work out, start a hobby or whatever. . . just make sure it's things that improve your life. Your partner will see the change. Your new independence along with your attitude of detachment will cause your ex to be naturally attracted toward you. Now, instead of you being the one chasing, you're both equals. . . and you can begin to work on the greater problems that need healing.

Can you win your ex back? Yes. . . but there is a right and a VERY WRONG way to do this. Read more free tips on relationship problem advice and learn exactly what to do and say to get your ex back in your arms (there's also a video you can watch on how to do this successfully. )


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