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She Broke Up With You Because You Were Controlling and Possessive and You Want Her Back

Teddy Shabba

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She broke up with you and with good reason to as you had been controlling, possessive, and pretty much an all around bad boyfriend even though you “loved" her and had a lot of good points as well.

Nevertheless while the break up has been hard on you it also made you realize how wrong you were and you have taken or begun to take the steps that you believe necessary to change into more of the man she told you she wants you to be. Now, you are at the point were you want to know what you can do to get her back into your life.

Assuming that you have gone no contact with her for a good portion of the time you were making “changes" to yourself, you can contact her and see if she missed you enough to even consider reconciliation and if not move on knowing that you have made her aware of what you want and its up to her to come to that same conclusion.

However, if you made these “changes" while still maintaining or trying to maintain contact with her chances are you are pretty much stuck in whatever type of relationship it has currently evolved into.

Whether that be a “friendship" , annoyance or something else completely different as long as you continue maintaining contact with her you will not find yourself being able to get back into the kind of relationship that you want with her. No matter what type of contact you have been making with her since the breakup, one thing you need to realize is she broke up with you because she is no longer attracted to you and your controlling and possessive ways may or may not have played a role in that loss of attraction.

In the end, the only thing you can do when you think you've made the changes necessary to get back in a relationship with her is let her know and if she isn't ready to do that now is the time to move on.

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