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Should I Call My Ex Boyfriend? Dating Advice For Women


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Feeing regret about anything is never an easy thing. When that regret is tied to a long term relationship it's a horrible feeling. In the heat of the moment, we may find ourselves in a position where we feel a break up is in order. That's until we realize that the man we love has just walked out of our lives for good. If you have recently been through a break up and are now wishing you could get back together with your ex, you may feel inclined to contact him to beg him to take you back. If you are at this point and are asking yourself the question should I call my ex boyfriend, you need to first consider the consequences if you do.

Immediately after a break up both partners are feeling very emotional. This is true regardless of whose idea the break up was. If your boyfriend was the one who suggested you two stop seeing each other, there's a very good chance he's also feeling a lot of confusion. One of the best ways to work through that confusion is with time. If you crowd his time by calling him over and over again he's going to switch from confusion to anger. Whenever you ask yourself the question should I call my ex boyfriend, answer yourself with a big “no. " Don't initiate any contact with him at all for at least the first few weeks after you two have ended things.

Many women only feel the urge to call an ex when they are reminded of him. If you still have pictures of him in view or he hasn't moved all of his things out of your place yet, you are simply torturing yourself. Even though your goal is to get him back, you have to follow through with the break up and remove any reminders. This will help you feel less inclined to call him and it will also show him that you respect his decision to end things.

Trying to find a reason to call doesn't make it any more acceptable. If you are wondering should I call my ex boyfriend to remind him of his mother's birthday or to ask him to pick up his mail, don't do this either. Hearing his voice will likely result in a very strong reaction from you and you may find yourself, unconsciously, becoming noticeably emotional when talking to him. If you must tell him something ask another person to do it for you, or email him. Keep any correspondence to the point and don't mention the break up at all. You want him to believe that you are moving forward without him, which will eventually be the trigger to get him back. Once he thinks you may be losing feeling for him, it will draw him back in. He'll be fearful of losing your love forever.

Doing the wrong thing when trying to get your ex boyfriend back can result in him cutting you out of his life forever. There are specific methods that women can use that trigger a response in their ex that will make him feel compelled to get back together. To find out what you need to do today to get him back in your life for good, visit this Helpful Site .


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