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5 Signs That Your Ex Boyfriend Still Loves You


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Pining for someone who doesn't feel the same way can be utter torture. Sometimes after a break up, the woman will still be deeply in love with her ex boyfriend. Seeing him and knowing that he's decided to break free from the relationship is difficult. However, it's important to remember that many people do suffer through a split only to be reunited and the relationship ends up stronger than ever. If you want another chance with the man you love, don't give up all hope. Instead, remember that he may be feeling just as confused as you are. There are five signs that your boyfriend still loves you that every woman should be aware of.

One of the signs that your boyfriend still loves you is that he'll want to save the friendship aspect of the relationship. If he suggests that the two of your remain friends after the dating relationship ends, that's a signal that he's still carrying some feelings for you. Never take this as a bad sign. You can use the friendship to leverage yourself as someone important and trustworthy in his life.

Another clue that he's still carrying a torch for you is he'll constantly be contacting you. It may be via phone, text or email but he'll do it on a pretty regular basis. It can be something as simple as him saying “good morning" or a quick “hello" but it's a clear indicator that he doesn't want to break completely away from you.

If he says he misses you, yet you two talk on a fairly regular basis, take this as one of the signs he still loves you. When he says he misses you that has a deeper meaning than it might first appear. He's missing the closeness and the romance that you two once shared. Take this to mean that he's starting to reconsider the status of the relationship and exactly what you mean to him.

If he starts asking about your dating status, he may be asking because he wonders where he stands. Be honest with him regarding who you are seeing or not seeing. Don't try and make him jealous by telling him all about an imaginary, perfect boyfriend. Some men are emotionally conflicted when the woman they love is dating someone else. They may even pull back forever if they believe she's happy with someone new.

The last of the signs that your ex boyfriend still loves you is his demeanor when he's around you. If you two are out for a friendly coffee or dinner and he seems nervous, that may signal that he's trying to bury his true feelings. Try and make him as comfortable as possible and if you are feeling the same way, let him know. One of you has to fess up at some point about your true feelings if you have any hope of a happy future together.

It's obviously important that you think through each and every move when you are trying to get your boyfriend back. Most women have no idea that everything they say and do after a break up potentially impacts the chance of a reunion. To find out more about what steps are necessary to get your boyfriend back, including what not to do, visit this Helpful Site !


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5 Signs Your Ex Still Loves You - And How to Use Them to Get Her Back
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