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How to Have Revenge on Your Ex and to Get Her Back in 17 Days at the Same Time

George Blackwell

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Break-ups are extremely painful, even more so because they often hit at our very hearts and ruin our self-esteem. The feeling of rejection and abandonment is one of the main reasons why people often make things worse after a break-up by continuously terrorizing and stalking their ex. However, there is another solution - and in this article, I will reveal a secret technique to have revenge on your ex AND get her back - all in just 17 days!

The first step is to initiate what experts refer to as “No Contact", which means that you stop all communication with your ex. This is effective for two reasons - firstly, it will give you some time to heal and, secondly, it will make your ex wonder how you managed to cut her out of your life so quickly. Even if she dumped you, you'll still manage to turn the tables and make HER feel rejected and abandoned!

This will give her plenty of sleepless nights as she wonders whether you stopped calling her because you met someone better. In the meantime, you can spend two weeks focusing on getting your own life sorted out, whether by focusing on your career, reconnecting with friends or even hitting the gym. As you will see in a moment, it is essential to look your best during this period - because you will use it to get your ex back.

After two weeks of no contact, give your ex a call and suggest meeting up. By this time, she will be desperate for some form of attention from your side, so she will likely agree. Alternatively, you can wait for her to call first (that's how it worked in my case), which just goes to show how eagerly she will want to talk to you - and that's after dumping you in the first place!

When you meet her, it is important to behave yourself in a certain manner and avoid discussing certain topics. In fact, I got through the meeting by using a little-known strategy (which I reveal on my website ) that works in 90% of cases and got me my ex back in just 17 days!


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How to Mess With Your Ex And Get Her Back in 17 Days!
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