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Advice to Help You Win Your Ex Back


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Right after a hard breakup all you want is to find another chance with the one you love. Unfortunately, it can be hard to know where to begin! Here are 3 words of advice to help you out with the difficult process of getting your ex back.

1) Oddly enough, it's actually a very effective trick to actually cut off contact with your ex for about a month after the breakup. This may seem counterproductive but in reality it's very healthy for your efforts. It gives your ex some time to cool off and think, and you some time to organize yourself and create a plan -one thing you should never be without.

2) Other people aren't going to solve your problems for you! If you want your ex back, it begins and ends with you. Don't deal with your breakup like you see in the movies, where the heartbroken lounge in their apartments sobbing to daytime TV until their friends bail them out by setting up a blind date or something. You have to be proactive and get things done yourself. . . you're the only person you can depend on.

3) Being in the company of people who care about you is very good for you. Spend time with friends, family, friends who are so close as to almost be family. . . their love and support can help you find the strength you need to get yourself back on your feet and go win back your ex!

These are only a few tips for you, but if you heed them you'll find things to be a lot easier than if you hadn't. Most importantly, do not go into this without a plan. . . that's a big part of what the one-month separation is for: to develop that plan. Doing this without a real strategy can be a disaster, so make sure you have a helping hand guiding you through it.

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