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Signs Your Ex Wants You Back How Can I Tell

Steven Lane

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I know when I was broken up that I spent a lot of time and energy wondering if my ex wants me back. It is totally natural and I would wonder about someone if they said that they never wondered about it. The problem that I had was that I was going about it the completely wrong way. I was actually doing everything that I could to drive her further away.

I was spending my time calling, texting, emailing and trying to come up with elaborate plans on how to run into her. To say I was doing everything that I could think of was an understatement. This is totally normal reaction because love elicits strong emotions and causes normal people to go to extreme measures. I was actually pushing her further away with each action that I was taking.

Once I discovered out how to see if my ex even wanted me back I was shocked. It is such a simple solution and at the same time one of the hardest to implement. Want to know what it is? Stop contacting your ex. That is it.

I didn't realize that I wasn't even allowing my ex time to miss me. I was still in constant contact with her in some way or another. All of these actions were driving her further away and ruining my chances. You wouldn't believe how things changed once I stopped contacting her. With in 2 weeks she actually contacted me. How did this happen? It is because I actually gave her time to miss me and think about me. If you are in constant contact with your ex all you do is reinforce all her reasons why she broke it off in the first place.

You need to take advantage of this time now that you aren't consumed with your ex. Is there activities that you have neglected because of your relationship? Have you been neglecting friends because of your relationship?

If that is the case then use this time to get back in touch with friends and activities that you have been putting off. This will put your mind at ease and allow you to think more clearly. You will be amazed at what it will do for your self esteem and confidence.

If you actually put into action what I have shared you will be amazed at the results.

If you want to discover more about what you need
to do to win back the love of your life. . . . . . . . .


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