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Call Me, Pleeaze Call Me! Desperate to Make Up With Your Ex


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My long-time friend, Anna, knows she made a terrible mistake and is sure she has ruined her marriage. You see, Anna and Don married about three years ago. Happy enough, although Anna can be a bit insecure, every thing was going great. They bought a house, had good paying jobs. Then Don lost his job. Money worries are probably the number one topic of arguments between couples.

Don found another job, but it didn't pay as much and they were struggling every month. Anna wanted Don to find a better paying job. Then Anna discovered Don wasn't paying all the bills and the bank account was always overdrawn. When once again a bank overdraft arrived in the mail, Anna lost her cool and began yelling.

Don didn't come home that night and refused to take her calls or respond to her text messages. Out of desperation, and feeling she lost control of the situation-which she had, she texted Don saying she wanted a divorce and didn't want to be married to him anymore. She really didn't want a divorce, she only said that because she thought Don wanted one.

Then she folded up his things and went off to work. When she arrived home, she found his keys and wedding ring on the counter! But no note! She realizes she made some terrible mistakes and actions. Now, she keeps calling him to apologize, but he won't pick up the phone. She is beside herself and feels totally powerless and helpless.

If you're reading this, I know you can relate. When Anna acted impulsively, she made some big mistakes. But she can correct those and get Don to respond to her if she has an underlying plan before she contacts Don again. Without that she is liable to completely destroy any possibility in reconciliation with Don. She's already done a considerable amount of damage with her rash actions. Until she has a plan to to reigniting passion and recapturing lost love, Don has all the control as to whether this relationship heals or breaks.

Discover the secret love recipe that shows you how doing the RIGHT THINGS at the RIGHT TIME that will win back the heart of your ex lover. . . or at least created the circumstances where your ex gives you a second chance. You'll find it at


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Fiddle Or Violin - You Make the Call
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