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Best Signs Your Ex Still Loves You and How to Rescue Your Relationship


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Ever thought that your life will be so hard after breaking up with him?

That even the sound of his name will be so painful to hear?

My best guess is you had no idea. And if you are looking for signs that your ex still loves you, probably you secretly wish to rescue your relationship.

I know, in those moments when you fought and broke up it felt like enough is enough. Like is the only possible way out. But i also know that looking back now, there are many things you wish you have done different. Maybe you should not have said some of the things that hurt him so much, maybe the reason it all started is not so serious as you thought back then. Now you understand things different, but is too late. Your are lonely, your heart is broken, and can't get him out of your mind and go on with your life.

Actually is not to late to rescue your relationships. Caught in the storm of our own feelings, we sometimes forget that the other one has feelings too. If you have regrets, and heartaches, and miss him dearly, most chances are he feels the same. No matter how strong or unaffected he seems to you, this only a mask. We all are very good at pretending and hiding our feelings, especially when we are hurt. The more effort he puts in pretending detached or unaffected, the more chances are he is as wounded as you are. Those are the best signs your ex still loves you.

If your relationships was meaningful to you, you can be sure it was the same for him. After all he was part of it, and his life was changed dramatically also when you broke up. He also lost something, and that is hard to overcome, no matter who we are. This is how we, humans, are built. One thing you can be sure of is that he also ask himself sometimes, in the night: “she still loves me?". . . "what if i have done something different?. . . " Exactly like you do. Is a fact of life. But still, none of you will be the first to say or do something about that.

This is why i am saying that you can still rescue your relationship. Because it is possible. Even more, is the best thing you can do right now, and the most recommended. First of all, because is a shame to let all this love wasted. You still have so much to give and to improve in this relationship, there are so many things you two can share together that is worth the effort to step over your pride. If you only knew how to do it right. Instead of just another two broken hearts out there, you can be again a couple. A happy couple.

And secondly, you don't want to spend the rest of your life wondering: “what if. . . "

Is a heavy burden to live with, i know that from my own experience. And it takes an eternity to heal. Is also a fact of life. My best advice is try to rescue your relationship, and save yourself further pain and heartache. At this point you have nothing more to lose, but a world to gain.

You don't need more signs that your ex still loves you beside your own feelings. And the courage to go and bring him back to you.

So what you need right now is a hand to help you doing it the right way. To know what is the best way to rescue your relationship without losing face or looking desperate. Without pushing it or making some other fatal mistakes. So take a deep breath and go here to discover how to win your love back.


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Signs Your Ex Still Loves You Sure Signals That You Can Tune Into
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