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Dating Tips Why Women Hope to Get Their Ex Boyfriend Back

Angela Tay

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When it's the man who initiates the breakup, usually the woman will try to hold on to the relationship as long as she can. Why can't women walk away from the relationship coolly? Why do women make attempts to get her man back most of the time? If you are such a woman, this is often why.

1) You are not sure if your relationship is really over

Are you still holding out hope that your relationship is still not over? Is the breakup too sudden and unexpected that you have so many questions unanswered? If your guy wants a breakup, but do not provide any explanations for it, you feel that you just can't walk away without knowing why. You may hold on to false hopes that your guy is just into another cooling phase and will return to your side after he is out of it.

2) You still love your man

Despite him turning against you, you still love him. Women are more emotional creatures, and it takes time to extract themselves out of a relationship. It is not easy to walk away from a significant other in a short time. This gets more tricky if they have committed themselves totally into the relationship. Love between two people can't be explained easily. Some women still love their man even when he has betrayed them again and again!

3) You are worried that nobody else will be able to fill the gap after him

Women who think this way seem pretty pessimistic about themselves. They are not confident that they will meet someone else if they break up with their current boyfriends. They are afraid to move on, and they would rather settle for the familiar. They have grown so dependent on the guy and fear being single again. The uncertainty of their future love life scares them and they would rather hold on to their current boyfriend.

4) You are worried that your plans will be disrupted

Your biological clock may be ticking. You may be hitting your late 20s and hoping to get married and start a family. You are worried that if you let your boyfriend go, it may take time for you to know someone new and start another relationship again. You probably face pressure from your family to get married earlier and have babies while you are young.

5) You actually worry that your guy cannot do without you

Nobody is indispensable, really. You may be the one doing all his laundry and fixing his dinners all this while, and you wonder if he is able to handle it alone without you? You still wish to take care of him and make sure he is still doing well just like before.

These reasons why women hope to get their ex boyfriend back are actually very common. Most women go through these types of thinking during the initial breakup phase. Are you feeling this way too? It's time to evaluate if your man is really worth holding on to. If you think you are at the losing end, consider moving on! The sooner you accept the reality, the sooner you will be able to get your life back again.

Angela dishes out relationship and dating advice in her community and is also the owner of a wedding blog.

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