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How to Get Your Ex Back Top 3 Reasons Why Men Leave Women


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The countless times that a relationship ended because of the man just outright walking out is endless. Why do men just up and leave during a relationship? What are their motives to leave when you though that everything was fine and normal? There are signs to look for and there are things that you shouldn't do to provoke him into leaving.

Reason #1: Nagging! Nagging! Nagging! Nagging is the number one complaint from men about women that there is! For years this has been a problem in the communications between men and women. Even though there has been a lot to say about it, women still have in them to nag at a man about things. Women probably do not realize most of the time when they are being an aggravation in pushing their point or opinion about a certain thing. This is what nagging is all about. Give him some room. When in a conversation and you feel strongly enough about that topic to argue over it and keep on about it even after he has walked away from it, then you can say you are nagging. Men do not want to be constantly reminded of things that you two have already hashed out over and over again. You should take matters into your own hands. If you see a situation leading to needless nagging, stop right there and tell him you will take care of it. See what happens then.

Reason #2: Being Pressured With nagging comes another problem that men have with women and is a big reason a lot of men walk out on a relationship unexpectedly and that is the feeling of being under constant pressure. If you are in a dating relationship, the risk of losing your man due to being put under pressure is even more so because he doesn't have the ties of marriage holding him. Sometimes though, being married doesn't make a difference either. Do not pressure him about marriage or other issues that bother him of frighten him emotionally. These will be the kinds of things you'll need to treat delicately or you will basically scare him away.

Reason #3: Woman's Mood Swings If a man meets you as a bouncy and cheerful person, and then six months into the relationship, you become down and depressed and you show a side of you that isn't very pretty, he will most definitely have a good reason to walk away. A lot of women tend to believe that once you get a man, all the tending to their hair and applying make-up everyday can stop. They feel like they don't have to do these things to get him anymore. But the truth is, taking care of yourself and presenting him with that same woman he met on a daily basis means everything in keeping a man at home and happy. Don't be guilty of falling into a rut of waking up everyday and throwing on some sweats and an old t-shirt. Get up and make yourself presentable every day.

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