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How to Get an Ex Boyfriend Back Three Shocking Super Strategies That Will Improve Your Odds


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You're about to get some of the best advice on how to get an ex boyfriend back. Be ready, however, because it probably isn't what you were expecting to hear! The best way to get your guy back involves taking an approach that's quite unlike what most women do.

The best way to get an ex boyfriend back doesn't involve the “usual". Don't bother with the new haircut or the shorter skirt. Don't beg for a sit-down conversation in order to persuade him with all of your very good reasons to get back together. Don't waste your time trying to be extra sugary sweet or affectionate in hopes of getting him back.

If you want to get your fella back, follow these three pointers:

TIP: Ignore Your Common Sense, Your Instincts And Everything You Think You Know

I told you these tips might be surprising! Look, you have all sorts of ideas about how to get him back. They might be incredibly smart. They might be completely true. They could be so good that they'd persuade me that you're right in a heartbeat. However, you aren't dealing with yourself or with me. You're not dealing with a woman at all. You're trying to get a man back and men simply do not see things the way we do. Period. Even the most sensitive man in the world is still a man and he's dealing with a brain that is wired very differently from our own. Your great plans? They aren't going to work with him. Besides, at stressful times like this, we tend to exercise somewhat cloudy judgment.

Tip: Ignore Your Friends, Family, Loved Ones And Most TV Talk Show Hosts

If you can't trust your own judgment, you must rely on your friends and family (and maybe Tyra or Oprah), right? Wrong. First, a significant percentage of your acquaintances are women. They're flying blind, for the most part, just like you. Second, those who are closest to you have a natural inclination to tell you what they think you need to hear, not what you really need to know. Third, even your male friends are going to be unwilling or unable to explain the right approach. Fourth, unless your circle of friends is comprised of relationship experts who understand the difference between the male and female “relationship minds", they aren't really going to be much help. Lean on them, gripe to them and cry on their shoulders. Ignore their advice, though.

Tip: Get The Master Blueprint To That Crazy Little Thing We Call The Male Mind

Don't act at a disadvantage using your ideas. Don't roll the dice with the random opinions of others you may know. If you want to get your boyfriend back, you need to reach out and get some intense advice from someone who really understands how guys and gals work. You want to get the information that will give you an insider perspective on the way men think about these situations. You want a blueprint to the male psyche. Once you get it and isolate the psychological hot buttons you can push to make him want you back, everything else will take care of itself. That, my friend, is how to get an ex boyfriend back!

Ask yourself a simple question: Do you want him back? If the answer is “yes", you need to discover real strategies so you can get him back .

You don't have to break up. You can get your boyfriend back! Learn how to save or rebuild your relationship. You really can get your boyfriend back and have your fairy tale romance.


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