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Do You Know How to Make Your Ex Lust After You? 5 Steps That Will Change Your Life


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Are you interested in finding out how to make your ex lust after you? Have you ever heard the term, “The grass is always greener on the other side of the hill?" One principle I've found to be completely true is that women always want what they can't have. Here are the essential 5 steps you'll need to master if you want to know how to make your ex lust after you.

1st- Hit the clubs and put your self on the market again. If your ex even sees you with another woman, she is going to go crazy! Her mind will immediately start stacking herself up against this new girl and jealousy will rear its ugly head. She'll remember the good times the two of you had and instantly she'll be taken back to the best parts of your past relationship.

2nd- Get a hair cut, go to a tanning salon, buy a few new clothes, basically freshen up your look. You don't have to do anything dramatic, just make sure you feel more attractive and confident. If you feel that way, you'll look that way to others as well. The ex will be bound to notice.

3rd- Being her “friend" is a sure way to kill the whole deal. A good friend of mine stayed friends with an ex after they broke up and he ended up babying sitting for his ex while she was out dating other guys. Talk about pathetic. A woman can hang on to something long after its usefulness has worn thin. She'll want to chat or text of have coffee. The killer is when she starts asking you for advice about her new boyfriend. This is the kiss of death. You'll immediately be more desirable by making your self scarce.

4th- Girls love to be missed. They like to know you're thinking about them when they aren't there. You need to be busy. Hang out with friends and have some fun. Take that weekend trip you'd talked about with her. You'll be planting seeds of doubt in her mind when she sees you moving on.

5th- Figure out why she left you. You can't change who you are without a lot of effort, but you can improve your self. Did she think you were too lazy? Start working out. Did she think you drank too much? Tone down the partying. Did she like the opera and hated football? You're better off with out her. Just kidding. Make improvements in your life that you should be making anyway. Use the break up as a motivator to do good things in your life. Nothing builds self confidence like learning to be good at new things. She'll see this and desperately want you back.

These 5 steps are a sure fire method of how to make your ex lust after you. You'll see dramatic changes in your life and she'll see the man she always wanted. I wish I could see her face when she knocks on your door asking for a second chance.

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When it comes to winning an ex back, I'm an expert. I've had a lot of practice! I've scoured the internet and found the best resource on how to make your ex lust after you Stop moping around and check it out.


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