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Getting Back Together With an Ex Boyfriend Or Girlfriend Making Up Before Breaking Up?


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If you're currently in a romantic relationship that you suspect may be ending in a breakup soon, here's a tip for getting back together with your ex boyfriend or girlfriend that is good to know before they break up with you.

What's that mean you ask? What I mean is that if you love your boyfriend or girlfriend, but are worried, for any number of reasons, that they may be breaking up with you in the near future, knowing ahead of time what to do if that happens is the best way to start the relationship healing process of getting back together with your ex.

When your lover hits you with the news of their decision to break up the relationship, even if you're still in love with them and you don't have any interest in parting ways, what you do and say at that moment is a critical factor in laying the groundwork for any possible future rebuilding of a relationship with your ex.

So, if you're still together as a couple now, but feel you may be getting the bad news soon, let's take this time now to plan how to react to the news of a breakup. After all, your love interest has probably spent a decent amount of time wrestling with the idea of breaking up with you and probably has formulated a plan of how to break up. Why shouldn't you take the time to plan ahead for what you will do if it ever happens?

Let's say your boyfriend tells you it's over. He tells you he's thought long and hard about this, gives you his reasons for his decision and thinks it's the best thing to do. He needs some space he says. What do you do then, right there on the spot? Do you start to cry? Do you lose your cool, get mad and start screaming at him? Do you get aggressive and start an argument? Do you throw yourself at his mercy and immediately beg and plead for him not to break up with you after all?

The answers to the above are no, no, no and no. That's no way of having any chance of getting back together with your ex. Any of the previous actions will only help him to validate his decision to break up, make you look weak and pitiful and make him feel some animosity towards you, not to mention make him want to turn and run as far away and as fast as possible from you never to return and possibly never speak with you again on any level.

When your boyfriend or girlfriend makes the announcement that they've done some long, hard thinking and they've decided breaking up would be a good idea, if you've been proactive in thinking ahead that this could happen, you can react calmly and composed.

Don't start a conflict situation on their terms. Know exactly what you will say and how you will act in advance. Agree with them essentially. Tell them you've been doing some thinking on your own as well and that breaking up had crossed your mind as a possibility.

How do you think they will respond to that? Who is in control in this scenario now? You are. There's no crying, no arguments, yelling or hostility. It's civil and mature. You may even thank them genuinely for bringing the idea up because it saved you from having to make that tough step. What? Thanking them for a break up? Who's breaking up with who here anyway?

Yes, this puts you in control of the situation, leaves the door just a crack open, and lays the groundwork for a possibility of getting back together at some point in the future, but not right away though. If they really did and do still care about you, they will respect you for your maturity and your strength (even though in the back of your mind you may be hurting emotionally and feeling pretty sad now).

Keep reassuring yourself that it's okay though and that this gives you an excellent chance of regaining mutual contact again with your ex in the future, whereas a totally mental meltdown just about seals the deal that you'll never be getting a phone call or letter from your ex ever again. If you're in love and don't want to permanently lose a boyfriend or girlfriend, follow this relationship breakup advice and you will have at least started on the right path of getting back together with your ex boyfriend or girlfriend.

Most victims of a break up never give themselves a chance to get back together with their ex boyfriend or girlfriend because they don't know exactly what to say and do right when they're being broken up with. Find out exactly what you should say and do during a breakup to put YOU in control of the breakup and immediately start your ex subconsciously wondering if maybe they made the wrong decision in letting you go.
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To Get Back an Ex Boyfriend or Girlfriend You Must Avoid These Mistakes!
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