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How to Keep From Breaking Up in Your Relationship


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If things aren't going so good in your relationship and you find things coming to an end. Or if they've already come to an end and you want to know what to do. I'll share with you ways on how to keep from breaking up in your relationship.

Acknowledge The Break Up

If you've just been told that your boyfriend/girlfriend wants to breakup, agree with them. Don't go on a rampage telling them how much you love them or that you're sorry for whatever reason. Just tell them you agree with them and that it's best if you two moved on.

Make sure you're calm and collected when you say this. Don't overplay it though. What you want to do is play it as freedom. Almost like you're free to do whatever you want to do. This is the exact opposite of what your boyfriend/girlfriend expects to happen.

If you're past this point, then you should. . .

Write Hand Written Letter

If you're past the point of breaking up in your relationship, and you've made the mistakes of making calling them a bunch of times and texting a bunch of “I love you" text messages to your boyfriend/girlfriend, then you should write them a hand written letter. In this letter, you should tell them that they're right about breaking up and that you're ok with it.

You have to let them go before they'll come back. This will be your opening move and it's extremely helpful. Whenever someone breaks up, it's almost like the person doing the “breakup" kind of wants that attention. Sometimes they do it to make you beg and feel sorry.

Well, by acknowledging the breakup and agreeing with it, it'll almost be an awakening for the other person.

But whatever you do, if your boyfriend/girlfriend breaks up with you, don't beg, stalk, continuously call, or text the heck out them. Just follow these two simple techniques and you'll find yourself mending your relationship and it'll help you keep from really breaking up.

And when you find yourself getting back with together, you'll know that this is exactly how to keep from breaking up in your relationship.

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