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How to Get Ex Back 5 Tips to Get Your Ex to Like You Again


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Let's suppose it's the weekend and you have your ex on your mind. You just can't forget the awesome time you two had together, no matter how bad it was when you broke apart. Now let's suppose you know where your ex is going to be on one of those weekend days. What can you do to get him or her to notice you, to see you in the same light they saw you in when you two first met? Try these tips on your ex to get noticed again and ultimately to get your ex back.

You have nature on your side, and it's called the law of attraction. Your ex was attracted to you at one time, and if you play your cards right, that attraction will flow right back to it's rightful place. When you see your ex, be happy as ever. Laugh, smile, and tell them how wonderful you are. Don't let your heartbreaks and aches show through. This will get to them in a way you can't believe!

Do your hair up and wear something they've never seen you wear before. The impression you're trying to make on the surface here is you have moved on. People generally, as a rule, want everything they can't have. This a fact ever truer in the relationships of men and women. Make your ex see a side of you that either wasn't there before or was gone early on in the relationship.

All this hoopla about letting your ex see you with someone else is a big deadly mistake. This will cause animosity and jealousy. These feelings attached to all the reasons you two broke up may add up to never getting that person's attention except in a negative way. Most people are on to that old trick and would be offended by it. Consider how you would feel if the tables were turned and it happened to you.

Don't rush into conversation with your ex as soon as you hit the scene. Act as though you don't know they are there at the start. Give them a chance to come to you. Here's a time when you need to act light hearted and nonchalant. Let the your smile show through and step high. Keeping your head held high and giving off the impression of super self confidence is a great way to attract the attention of everybody, not just your ex.  

Get involved in the things your ex liked, but not so directly that it shows you are wanting them back, or that the only reason you got involved in whatever it is was to get to them! Let it show in subtle ways what you are doing by letting his friends or family know what you've been doing. Don't get involved in something that you really won't like, though, because that will unnecessary strain on you. Have fun getting into something your ex enjoyed, and maybe then you'll see why they did it. Have fun and don't stress out because it will show!

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