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Ex Boyfriend Quiz - Does Your Ex Boyfriend Still Love You?


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Searching for an ‘ex boyfriend quiz’ could be a sign that you still have feelings for your ex boyfriend. You may be wondering if there's any chance of rekindling the romance you once had. But does he still have feelings for you, or are you nurturing false hopes? Can an ‘ex boyfriend quiz’ answer the question for you, or is it best to ask your own intuition?

Looking to your intuition can be a difficult thing when it comes to relationships. You may feel that he still loves you, but your judgment could be clouded by your own feelings. Once you've become aware of this, you'll be able to be more objective when observing your ex boyfriend's reactions to you.

What does he do when he catches sight of you in the street? Do his eyes light up for a quick second, before he covers it up and tries to look cool? If his eyes light up, then he may well still harbour feelings of love for you.

Are you still communicating with each other by phone or email? If he hasn't found the strength to break all contact, this is a further sign of lingering feelings on his part. He wants to stay in touch, keep up with what's going on in your life and hear your voice.

What about when you talk on the phone, what is his tone of voice like? Is it warm and friendly? Or cold and distant? You can tell a lot by his tone of voice.

Do you still have mutual friends? If he's asking friends how you are, without them bringing you up in conversation, then he's finding it hard to let go.

The best thing to do is put yourself in his shoes. If you were him and you were no longer in love, would you still be in contact or not? Chances are, you'd move on, wouldn't you?

Often, your intuition is a better way of finding out whether an ex boyfriend still has feelings for you, whereas a quiz can take things out of context.

If you've reached the stage of looking for a Does My Ex Still Love Me Quiz , you may have already indulged in ‘text message terrorism’ or ‘drunk dialing’. Don't worry, this is understandable. You may even be able to turn the situation around and get back together with your ex. Find out how by watching the free video at


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Do You Still Love Him? - How to Win Back Your Ex Boyfriend
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