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How To Win Your Girlfriend Back - 3 Simple Steps To Win Your Girlfriend Back


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Studies show that the rate of divorce in US is over 50% and the number is still growing. And the true fact in this world is that many people take having a relationship as granted, therefore it never last any longer than their lives. Now you won't want this to happen to you, but the fact is it did! You just broke up with your girlfriend! If not you won't be reading this article. Therefore, the real question lies in, how to win your girlfriend back? Below, I will show you how is it done.

Use the e-mail

This step is very important I can say. Why? Because you will eventually have to keep in touch with her, not too frequent, not too personal, and not too pushy. But how? That's why, use the e-mail, it helps you keep in touch with her in the most non-threatening way, while allowing you the means to linger in their consciousness. Keep it simple though. A casual “Hey", or “How are you?" will suffice. Who knows, you might just win your girlfriend back using this strategy alone.

Remind her what she's missing

This is a risky move, but can be effective if done right. Key is, you may have to appeal to her jealousy to rekindle her passion for you. So, how will this help to win your girlfriend back? You create this atmosphere that there are many women out there that are attracted to you, make her jealous. However, don't do silly things like making out or even sleep with them, this is by far the worst case scenario you can get into. Then approach her as a friend and see how quickly she'll forget about your misdeeds. However, if you cheated on her with a prettier woman, ignore this advice altogether.

Remember birthdays and other important dates.

Write it down, take a picture or do whatever it takes to ensure you don't forget to call on their birthday, or any other special day in their life. Make sure you do thing because it shows that you still care about her and you really want to mend the situation with your girlfriend, this is so easy to do to win your girlfriend back, but most guys just simply ignore or forget that they can do it!

Jc Coll is a romance writer determined to help people overcome their bad times in relationships. One advice he gives is : There is ALWAYS a SECOND CHANCE in relationships.

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How To Get My Ex Girlfriend Back - 4 Important Steps To Get Your Ex Back!
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