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How To Get You Ex Back 4 Things Not To Do

Lee Coppin

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When you are in the middle of relationship problems it is not unusual for you to do things you think will help but actually make it harder to get your ex back. Don't beat your self up these are natural reactions to the situation.

When things star to go wrong we all panic to some extent and this makes us drop in to specific well established behaviour patterns. What we need to do to stop us doing this is to recognise these behaviours and actively stop them.

So what are the 4 top don'ts when trying to get your ex back?

Don't kid your self by thinking that your ex was the only one for you or that you will never find anyone else who makes you feel so happy and loved. Firstly that is completely irrational as there are millions of people in the world and just basing this on statistics you will find another partner to make you feel happy and loved. You have broken up so look at the facts not at the emotion. Now don't think I am saying not to try to get back with your ex but you should understand that your life is not over just because you broke up.

Don't panic if your ex is suddenly out on the town with other people. The vast majority of relationships started on the rebound fail. This actually can work in your favour because this gives you ex a chance to see just how great it was with you. They remember the good times through rose coloured glasses and push the bad time to the back of their minds. This helps them miss you and want you back.

Don't sit in and mope. Get out be active and socialise you can bet your ex is. Even if at the start you are hiding your pain behind a smile it will help heal the pain of the break up. You will be surprised just how quickly you are feeling good about your self again. There is another benefit of this and that is when your ex hears just how well you are doing with out them it will light the fires of interest in you again.

The last don't is probably the most important, the number one. It is very tempting when trying to win your ex back to shower them with attention. Now you may think this is a great way of showing them you still love and care for them but what you are doing is not giving them time to miss you. It also gives you time to put a plan in place to get your ex back. Honestly you need to trust me on this give it about 4 weeks where you don't speak at all, unless its completely rude to do so.

Now this is not the be all and end all when trying to win your ex back. There are still other mistakes you can make but you have to start somewhere. When trying to win your ex back you need often to do the opposite of what you believe is right, this is a hard concept to grasp. If you would like some more information and guidance visit my Squidoo page .

Lee has successfully rebuilt his relationship and knows first hand that there is hope. To find out how he did this see his Squidoo Page Lee is a typical hard headed guy and is sure if he can make up and not break up so can you.


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3 Things to Consider Before Getting Back With Your Ex
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