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Three Signs Of A Break Up


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We all know that nothing feels worse than getting dumped. Losing love is hard, but when we add in the mix rejection it can be a devastating experience.

We need to know that relationships just do not end. Is not like today you are part of a perfectly happy couple, and the next day you find yourself flying solo.

If you are willing to look close to your relationship you will be able to see if there is something that suggests your relationship might come to a break up. In this article I have written about three warning signs that a break up might happen.

Decrease in contact.

The most common and easiest behavior to spot is probably this one. Your partner becomes quiet, offers very little substance to communication, suddenly is busy all the time, seems to have just a few time to spend with you. Phrases like “I don't know" or “I don't care" are suggesting an easy escape to avoid conversation

Constant Critics And Complains.

The reasons might be your look, the way you hold your pen, your favourite sitcom. When your partner starts to criticize what you do, and have always done, your partner is using this strategy to trick you in believing that you are incompatible as a couple. Ultimately you will feel guilty even if was not your fault.

Hiding Feelings.

If you start to get vibes that your partner has started to hide something to you, when before you have always been the first one to know is a good indicator that the relationship has some problems. Don't panic, since your partner might only want to prepare to you a surprise. So try to investigate a little on the reasons.

Remember that also if you spot some of these signs in your relationship it does not mean that is going to end soon. Most of the relationships can be saved before a break up occurs, and most love stories can be repaired after a broke up.

You just need some good advice and self confidence. Everybody can have a great relationship.

I wrote this article based on my past experienced. If you want to contact me follow this link.

Sharon Cooper .

If you would like a free copy of my new Ebook: “Love And Relationship The Handbook", follow this link and claim your free copy! Click Here .


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