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Signs of Body Language in Guys


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Some say “Its all in the Genes", but eventually the genes are themselves in the BODY.

So, reading body language has to be learned from nowhere but within the body itself. It helps a lot in forming that impression, which plays a vital role in achieving the desired result.

Body Language, the most sought-after language in the world of today, plays a vital role in Making or Breaking a relationship.

So, boys and girls! Get ready to rock the world with the superb Body language without uttering a single word.

The signs of a Positive Body language in guys are of great help for the boys and girls out there. Especially, for the girls so that the next time before saying that big YES for the proposal check out whether the guy is going to be proved an ideal companion for you or not!

And for all those curious guys out there, do inculcate these signs in you for becoming the most eligible and fascinating man around!

So what are those most essential things that girls must look into their guy???

1. The First and the foremost sign is that he should behave like a Guy and not like a Gay! The behavior of a guy says a lot about his character and personality. A guy with a such a Body language looks straight into the eyes, while in conversation. But at the same time, he should take into consideration that his eyes create an impressive and thought-provoking image in the mind of the other person and definitely not an irritating one. And especially while communicating with a girl, a guy must never use that “checkin'you out" look.

2. The hands should be kept under control and brushing of the hair with hands should not be excessive (you might be embarrassed if some hair fall into your hands).

3. The shaking of any part of the body is strictly prohibited.

4. Last but not the least; the expressions must support the words coming out of your mouth, otherwise there is a fear of getting caught lying.

Now, do you think this is enough for you to know the body language of a guy? No, not at all. How will you know, that the gestures the guy in front of you is making use of, are the positive signs or the negative ones. This you can't know until and unless you read the signs of lying in the body language of guys. So, go for it.

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Learn The Body Language Attraction Signs In A Man's Facial Expressions
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