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Irritation 1st AID Guide to Better Communication and Peace


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Do you know someone who has said something similar to these statements. How do you feel after you point the finger at another?


Unless you are willing to take the journey inward, you will never find the answer to any of those questions or countless others like them.

Let us go inward and do a check up from the abdomen up and try this exercise.

Remember to be an observer in this movie you are about to watch. Look at it from the detached detective prospective. Just looking for the facts. You are not looking to reinforce your position; just gather data.

* Follow the feel of irritation, anger, hurt etc.

* As you quietly follow that emotion inside yourself, what feels tight, closed?

* Now breathe deeply and slowly and go inside that area of your body and sense the colors that are there, listen to the sounds and voice or images that arise.

* Just observe without getting involved.

* What color is needed to make this scene calmer. What words would the people involved need to be saying to each other? Add that color and new words and watch the scene closely.

* Continue to breathe deeply.

* Give yourself permission to change that scene to make it more peaceful and loving.

* After you have changed the situation - relax

* In the future every time you think of of this situation see the calming scene and it will reinforce the changes that have been put in place energetically.

You can change your life for the better one breath at a time.

For more tips to communicating better and finding inner peace visit Mary Wolken at and

Please leave Mary Wolken a message anytime.


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