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Dealing With People Give Respect


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Respect: We all want it and we all think we deserve it. You must give respect to others in order to build a relationship. You must also give respect to others when they do not deserve it. The reason for this is to teach others and to build on your core being. Thus, your ability to deal with people will flourish.

You can give respect easily and it is very simple. There is nothing complicated about giving respect. One technique in giving respect is to revert to the tried and true method of treating others as you wish to be treated. Is that not simple? Of course it is! Simply analyze your audience, no matter your “in the house" or “out of the house" audience, and determine the things you hate most that others do to you.

For instance, does it annoy you when you are constantly interrupted? Do you hate it when someone talks “down" to you, makes you feel if they are superior to you? Do you hate it when someone crosses their arms to speak to you? Does it create you discontent when someone constantly tries to discuss a topic they clearly know nothing about? These are just a few examples of disrespectful flair up topics. Give respect to others by doing the opposite of what annoys you.

When you deal with people in this manner you teach others and build on your core being. In other words, you are teaching people by example and strengthening your core being in a positive way at the same time. Have you ever encountered an individual and were impressed with that person? I am sure that you have and at that very moment, that individual, unbeknownst to them, just taught you something, gained your respect, and affected your core being. This is exactly what you want to do to others and this is done by giving respect.

At first, you may have to make a conscience effort to give respect. This is because we do not always analyze ourselves. For example, if you a blunt individual you know it and you may be content with that. You validate being blunt by telling yourself, “well that is just the way I am". However, your blunt nature may be perceived as a lack of respect by others. A little self-analyzing and conscience effort and you can deal with people and give them respect. Eventually, it will become natural.

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