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Five Steps to Clearing Old Memories and Improving Relationship Communication


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Repeating old hurts by mental and or verbally repeating to yourself and others the same old hurts. Below are some examples of the words one may use:

Why do I keep playing the same old tapes in my head and heart?

I wish I could have_(Fill in the blank. ).

I know I should have_(Fill in the blank. ).

If only I had one more chance I would_(Fill in the blank. ).

Do these mental images of the old times, the old ways keep play over and over again?

Do you want to stop replaying the old programs in your mind and body?

Remember our brain is composed of a vast network of nerve fiber connections. Messages from the brain to the body or messages that need to go from the body to the brain move along the neural highway of connections from brain to sensory systems of the body. It is a continuous highway of information by repeating the same old message we reinforce the old hurts or memories,

However along this highway the nervous system stores information in various organs, tissues, fluid s, systems, and even on the cellular, biochemical and other energetic levels of the being. Over time we develop a library of information that is storage until an old memory is resurrected and the old thought and reaction pattern is activated. This activation of our old reactions can be consciously recalled or triggered by a certain taste, smell, certain patterns of thought or words or traumas.

So our work if we want to be free to live in peace is to clear those reactive old files step by step.

Clearing Old Reactive Patterns or Memories

Step One: Become aware of when you begin to say

  • I wish,
  • I could,
  • I should have
  • That person always makes me. . .

Write it down in your awareness notebook. Do not attach anymore blame, sham or negative feels to it.

Step Two: Study the words you are saying or the thought pattern.

Write down when you have thought said or felt that way before. Keep writing until you feel you have gotten back to the first time you felt this way. Write down the full memory of the event.

Step Three: Rewrite the original emotional event for a positive outcome for everyone involved.

Step Four:Clear, Harmonize, Forgive and Give Thanks.

Simply from your heart repeat. I am sorry. Please forgive me. I love you. Thank you for helping me to become a more grateful and loving person at peace with the universe and myself.

Step Five: Anytime you think of this situation or words again do the clearing for yourself and everyone involved past, present and future.

Your peace and ability to communicate in the present will improve each time you do the clearing.

Important for deep seated severe trauma please seek professional guidance.

Mary Wolken a communication specialist invites you to learn more ways to de-stress communication and relationships with yourself and your unborn child and people of all ages. Visit


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