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How to Remember Names


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You're at a party and someone is approaching you from across the room. The face is familiar, but you can't quite place the name. . . Forgetting someone's name is quite embarrassing, especially if you have met the person on more than one occasion. You forget a name, not because you have a bad memory, but because you didn't learn how to remember the name in the first place. Some steps to help you remember names are:

  1. When you are first introduced to a person, make sure you hear the person's name and hear it pronounced clearly. Pay attention during the introduction instead of concentrating on what you plan to say. If you aren't sure you heard the name correctly, ask to have it repeated. Most people won't mind that you asked; they'll be flattered.
  2. Repeat the name several times. Say it when you are introduced: “It's nice to meet you, Mary"; “It's a pleasure to meet you, Mr. Simmons. " Also repeat the name during the course of the conversation, “Well, Mary, I do see your point. " And say it at the end of the conversation, “I enjoyed talking to you, Mr. Simmons. "
  3. Create a ridiculous cartoon in your mind that links the person's name with an outstanding physical characteristics. For example, you meet Fern Fadness and she has a prominent nose; imagine ferns growing out of her nose. You meet Ben Armstrong who is very tall and skinny; imagine him as a strongman in a circus, in a silly costume and flexing his arms. The trick here is to create a mental image (the more ridiculous, the stronger the image) that will help you remember a name. If physical characteristics don't seem to work, try other associations. Maybe Mrs. Noyes is a very quiet woman. Or Mr. Pierce looks fierce.
  4. If you are going to a small social event and will be meeting a number of new people, find out ahead of time who will be in attendance. If you hear the names before you arrive, then repeat the names during introductions, you are likely to remember them.

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