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Polishing Your Communication Skills


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When we look around us, we can easily evaluate that every one is communicating with each others in different forms. There are certain forms of communication, without which, transferring message is not possible among us. Think for a while, how it sounds without having communication. Although gestures are the part of communication, which never uses verbal expression, but the formal means of expression in all the aspect of expressions is Communication.

According to one famous scholar,

"Communication is the art to divert some one mind"

Communication is the way to attract people. It is the one of the important thing which we use in our daily life to express our ideas in a thoughtful manner. There are many ways to communicate. It could be either via face to face conversation, by phone or by gestures, etc.

Communication is also use to explain things to others and if some one wants to promote their ideas, the best and effective way to pass your ideas is through proper communication. If we analyze the world, we will be able to know that every one requires polishing his/her communication skills. If we analyze the environment of office, we will know that a business man can influence many parties through his/her verbal skills.

Shop keeper uses it to attract their customers; students also use to address some one via debate or in competition; teachers use it in their lectures, and many people uses it in their daily life in different styles. This all shows that communication is the important source of every one's life.

The basic thing in communications is to attract people or to promote some thing or to divert some one's mind towards you. So the first thing, which is the pre- requisite of communication, is to have some skills to spread our effective or useful thoughts. If we communicate with our best skills then the people will easily understand us and will easily get to know what we are trying to explain.

In my personal opinion, communications skills depend on the following features:

Your looks counts a lot as the pleasant personality with flair looks always impress others.

Your body language is must. It will show your communication style to others.

Proper timing is necessary, so that you can communicate right things on right time.

Easy words in laymen's language must be used in order to make others comfortable with your communication style.

Always explain your thoughts with examples.

Eyes contact is must to grab the attention of your audience.

Pre-planning and proper presentation should be there.

Before Starting Communication

Just scrutiny your accessories;

Analyze people and try to learn about their psychology;

Always expose your confidence;

Speak gently with suitable pauses in your speech.

When Communicating Others

Greet the people with flair smile on your face;

Introduce your self;

First the agenda of your meeting should be explained in short;

Always ask people about their valuable suggestions;

Give chance to others to express their views;

Set up your time;

Use AV aids to communicate properly;

You should have your eye contact with all people;

Don't look on one side; rather, look all round;

Don't beat about the bush; always concentrate on your topic;

Just speak in simple language which people can understand;

Use of harsh words and typical vocabulary should b avoided;

Voice should be clear and in a proper normal tempo;

Use different things to attract people attention;

Be comfortable and shows positive attitude;


Just end with regards and conclude your topic precisely;

Always ask for queries;

Answers the questions politely;

Always clarify. Don't answer in yes or no;

If you will follow the tips given above, then doubtless, you will be able to communicate more effectively than before.

Good Luck!

Salman Noorallah is the new finest author of this modern era who want to share his creative ideas through his articles worldwide and want to be the famous writer in the future ahead as well.


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