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A Guide to a Healthy Relationship


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In todays fast changing times it is tough to find a partner who is right for you and fits into your idea of an ideal partner. Here is my guide to a healthy relationship. At the initial stages of a relationship everything seems so perfect and the relationships always seem headed for a long term relationship but that may not be case always. Almost everyone in a new relationship never thinks about bad things but always about good things and how good the partner is. This is what they call a honeymoon period.

But sooner or later the novelty wears off and you can be either going the long term way or headed for a nasty split. What happened after those first few months is any bodys guess. No guessing but there are a few facts that you need to be careful about and that will do the trick and will also let you know early on if the relationship id headed for doomsday or for a long term association.

On of the big factors that play part in the relationship is mutual respect. This aspect of relationship is very important and the way you know that you know that other person has respect for you is that he or she values your positive opinions as well as negative opinions. Same goes for you that you understand other persons thought process and value him as an individual. The key to mutual respect is that you do not pus each others boundaries and if that starts to happen you better think hard about the relationship.

Trust is the foundation of your relationship and if that is gone other factors become irrelevant. A good judge will be that you let your boyfriend hang out with a few of his girlfriends every now and then. That shows him that you trust him. But make sure to see signs of warning if he is crossing his limits. If he or she is not trustworthy better get out of a relationship fast before it hurts you.

The other factor is that you treat each other as equals. This of course goes back to the other factor that is respect. That said it means that do you treat each other as equals and also make sure that you treat each other fairly. A good example would be that if you like watching theater and your partner like going to games then do you take turns to do that or not. If yes then your relationship is going good and if not that means you have to figure what kind of a relationship you are in.

The last but the not the least is that open communication. If you are able to tell your partner everything without he or she being upset about anything you say that means you are definitely in a good long term relationship.

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Stages of a Healthy Relationship
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