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Wedding Anniversary Gift Baskets - 20, 25 and 30


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After the fifteenth anniversary, these occasions are only celebrated every five years by people outside the immediate family. Each of these milestones has their own gifts, flowers, and colors. In order to create an ideal gift basket for these special occasions, it will help you to be aware of what these elements are.

For the twentieth anniversary, the traditional gift is china which represents beauty and elegance. The contemporary gift is platinum which symbolizes strength and endurance. The flowers are the day lily which represents coquetry and the iris which symbolizes faith, hope, wisdom, and valor. The colors associated with this anniversary are emerald green or white.

To create a traditional gift basket, you could include china figurines as well as a china vase or container. There are also china picture frames and baking pans available. For a platinum gift basket, you could include platinum kitchenware as well as kitchen tools. You can purchase platinum baking pans as well as well as drink ware. You could also purchase a platinum addition DVD set of movies that you think the couple would enjoy. You could trim your basket with both emerald green and white ribbon and distribute either several day lilies or irises or possibly both, depending on what colors are available. You want to try to blend all the colors in your basket as best you can.

The traditional and contemporary gift for the twenty-fifth wedding anniversary is silver which represents the marriage that is valuable and precious. One flower that has been associated with this occasion is the iris, which again symbolizes faith, hope, wisdom, and valor. Another is the yellow rose which represents companionship and zealousness. The color for the twenty-fifth anniversary is also silver.

To create a gift basket for this occasion, you could include silverware, a silver picture frame, or silver figurines. You could also stray away from the silver theme and make a scrapbook instead, including pictures of the couple over the last twenty-five years. You could also include headlines dated the month that the wedding took place. You could record a CD that contains all the popular songs from that year. The couple will get hours of enjoyment as they relive their youth through the scrapbook and the music. Trimming your basket with bright silver ribbon and placing several bright yellow roses and bright purple irises around the inside will make a colorful display that will stand out.

The traditional gift for the thirtieth anniversary is the pearl while the contemporary gift is the diamond. Both of these gifts represent the value of the marriage and how precious it is. The flower associated with this anniversary is the amaryllis which represents pride and timidity and the color is green.

To make a gift basket for this special occasion, you could decorate your basket with green trim and glue imitation pearls to it. You could include a pearl necklace or bracelet for her and a set of pearl cufflinks for him. Diamond jewelry could be added as well. Again, if you wish to make a gift basket that is different from the regular anniversary themes you could make a romantic wine and cheese basket that the couple may enjoy during a quiet picnic or a day at the beach. You might also treat them to a weekend getaway.

These are just a few of the many different types of anniversary gift baskets that you could make. Again, you should feel free to use any theme that you wish to, as many of these larger anniversary years have themes that are based on precious metals and gemstones. If you are a close family member, an expensive gift may be appropriate. If you are just a friend, it probably is not. Creating an inexpensive gift basket may be the choice for you.

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