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Telltale Signs Your Girlfriend is Cheating on You

Gillian Reynolds

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Intuition is a strong and undeniable force. It's also typically behind the suspicions that some men develop concerning their girlfriend's fidelity. If you have a nagging feeling inside that she's been seeing another man, chances are it's true. You can't approach her with just your gut feeling though. You need more substantial evidence than that. There are telltale signs your girlfriend is cheating on you that you need to be aware of if you think she's having an affair.

One of the most obvious signs your girlfriend is cheating is she'll suddenly have to work a lot more. Whenever anyone is having an affair they have to find a reasonable excuse to account for the time they are spending with their lover. Work is the usual go to for this. If she has started telling you that she needs to work more, take notice of that. If you doubt that's what she's doing, call her at work when she says she's there. If she doesn't pick up on several different occasions, you are likely right and she's with someone else.

Pay special attention to how she acts in relation to calls on her cell phone. One of the more subtle signs your girlfriend is cheating on you is how she handles calls. If she walks out of the room to talk sometimes or if she ignores her phone when it is ringing that may be a sign that she's talking with another man. You may also notice her constantly deleting text messages.

If she's recently invested in new clothing that's also one of the signs your girlfriend is cheating on you. If a woman is trying to impress a new guy she'll likely do it by improving her appearance. Anything from her getting a new hairstyle to purchasing several new outfits may indicate she's doing it for another guy. Pay close attention to whether or not she's wearing those new things when she's going out or whether she's wearing them when you two are together.

40% of women will be unfaithful at some point. The majority of men in these situations have no idea that the woman they love is being intimate with another man. For more signs that your girlfriend is cheating including a way to gain undeniable proof of her affair visit this Helpful Site

You don't have to live with the suspicion that your girlfriend has a new lover. Get the proof you need to catch her so you can confront her. You deserve to know the truth.


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