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Signs Your Wife is Cheating on You - Helpful Tips For Men

Gillian Reynolds

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Are there telltale signs your wife is cheating on you? There absolutely are. Most men start wondering if their wife is being unfaithful because of gut instinct. They begin to feel that something is different about her, but they can't quite put their finger on what that is. If you have a nagging feeling in the back of your mind that your wife is being unfaithful, there are some things you need to catch a close eye on.

One of the really subtle signs your wife is cheating that you may not even notice is the passenger seat in her car. Many women go pick up their lovers and drive them to some out of sight location for their interlude. If your kids are typically the ones sitting in that passenger seat and every once in a while the seat is pulled farther back, you should be wondering why that is. Also take note of the mileage on her car. If she's driving to the outskirts of town or to another town to meet her lover she'll be racking up the miles on her car. These are things she'd never think would expose her, but be aware of them. They can yield a lot of useful information for you.

Another of the signs your wife is cheating on you may be her clothing. If a woman has just met with her lover there's a very good chance that she's picked up his scent onto her clothing. Even if you don't feel it's appropriate, embrace her when she comes on. This will get you close enough to smell any unfamiliar cologne. If she does smell of another man ask her about it. She'll likely say that she was standing too close to someone at the office who was wearing too much cologne that day. It's a common excuse that women use when they are trying to cover their affair.

40% of married women will be unfaithful at some point. The majority of men in these situations have no idea that their wife is being intimate with another man. For more signs that your wife is cheating including a way to gain undeniable proof of her affair visit this Helpful Site

You don't have to live with the suspicion that your wife has a new lover. Get the proof you need to catch her so you can confront her. You deserve to know the truth.


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Missing in Action - Signs of a Cheating Wife
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