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Signs of a Cheating Wife 4 Warning Signs of a Cheating Wife


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It's a terrible feeling when you suspect that your wife is cheating on you, it can cause much heartache for you as well as harm your family. A situation like this is best dealt with as soon as possible, before further damage can occur, but first, you must find out whether your wife is having an affair or not. For this, you must be observant, and learn to recognize the signs that can often indicate this.

1. She has distanced herself emotionally from you. You may have noticed that she now seems reluctant to talk intimately with you; this is cause for alarm, especially when both you and your wife used to share everything with each other.
2. She has a sudden need for privacy regarding bills, her cell phone, and what she does on the computer. If you wife is cheating on you, she may be in contact with her lover via phone or the internet, which ultimately means she'll want to hide what she's doing from you.
3. She frequently works late when she never used to, or works strange hours altogether, again, when she never used to. If you know where your wife works, then you can work out how far away it is. Check the mileage on the car, has she put more miles on the car that she usually does?
4. She no longer shows much interest in you or your relationship together. This could mean that her mind is on something else, or someone else. You may also find that because of her loss of interest, she argues with you less and less.

Of course, if you notice just one of these, it does not necessarily mean your wife is cheating on you, but it does mean you should keep an eye out for the other common signs, as several or more are often an indicator that she is seeing someone else. If you've noticed the signs, it's best to investigate further and gather any proof before you confront her about it.

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4 Unfaithful, Cheating Wife Signs To Be Aware Of
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