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Tips to Avoid an Office Affair


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Affairs in the office are on the rise. This only makes sense as the time spent at work today is increasing while time at home is decreasing. A sense of attachment and admiration for your co-workers can often lead to an intimate relationship. This intimate relationship can either be an emotional or physical one or both in some cases. However these office affairs just do not start overnight. There is often some starting points that will lead almost anyone down this road to have an affair if not watched closely.

Going out socially with a coworker of the opposite sex
This is perhaps one of the first and most prevalent ways that an office affair begins. Seeing each other socially outside of work will often lead to a physical intimacy that is the hallmark of an office affair.

No friendships in the office
What I mean by this is to keep your work friends at work and your other social friends in your social circle. Basically make sure there is a clear division between your work and your social life. Without this division relationship boundaries can become blurred and this blurred line will often lead to an office relationship.

Never have lunches or meetings alone
Always make sure that you have someone with you so that you can keep each other in check. It is best to keep the behavior as professional as possible and the only way I know how to do this is to make sure you are not alone with someone of the opposite sex at work.

Try to make sure your spouse can go with you on business trips
Business trips often lead to affairs. The best way to avoid this is to take your spouse with you to make sure you do not fall under the trap of the possibility of cheating. If given an opportunity to cheat on their wives most men would say that they would if they could not get caught. It is best to not fall into this type of behavior.

Work on fostering a better relationship with your spouse
Since most affairs occur because one spouse is unsatisfied in one way or another with their relationship it is best to start with your own relationship. If you feel like your relationship is falling apart then concentrate on getting it back on track. Only you know you each other so well and where you might have gone wrong and how you cold work to fix it.

Office affairs are messy. They should be avoided. The chance of losing your spouse, your job and your finances are not worth the risk of having the thrill of cheating on your spouse.

Breaking free from an office affair is not an easy thing to do. Fortunately there are those that have done this before and succeeded .


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