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The Best Way to End an Affair in the Office


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Affairs in the office are a very messy thing. Perhaps you have realized what you are risking. You could lose your relationship with your spouse, you could lose your job and in the end have nothing to show for some brief thrills with a co-worker. The rewards sometimes do not outweigh the potential costs of having an affair. So then how do you end it? This is a tough question as many times you may feel more connected with the person at work then you do with your own spouse. However there are some ways that you can end the affair and try to make a clean break and try to get your life back on track.

The first tip to end an affair is to keep it short and simple. Simply explain that you want to keep your marriage and you are sorry for this affair and leading the other person down the wrong path. I would not go into too much detail as to why this relationship would not work out. The shorter and simpler you can keep it the best it will be for both parties.

The second tip is to make sure that you keep this breakup out of the office. The office is there for work and not for workplace drama. Keep the drama out of the office as much as possible. If the boss did not suspect you were having an affair then surely breaking up at the office will give him or her the tip off. That is never a good thing and it could mean that you both will end up losing your jobs.

The third tip is to make sure you make it clear that this is final. Do not give any hope that the other worker will have any hope of having an connection again. Not only are ending the affair but you are also ending the relationship in total. It is final decision and you need to make this abundantly clear so that there is no hurt feelings down the road. No level of flirting or hysterics can ever get you back.

The final tip is always be kind to the other person. Give them time they need to cope with what was said. Space is needed at this time. Eventually you may be even friendly with one another again but make sure you emphasize your boundaries and never to cross them as that is simply unacceptable to you. Also always make sure your interactions at work are only professional and never try to interact outside of work. If you know the other person is going to be at an office party then sometimes it is best to avoid the situation completely and not attend.

The decision to end an office affair is often a hard one. But really most of the time this is the right decision to make. The risk is just too much and the rewards are often too little to make it worth your while.

Breaking free from an office affair is not an easy thing to do. Fortunately there are those that have done this before and succeeded .


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