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Some Tips to Avoid an Office Affair


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The first step in saving your marriage is not to get into trouble in the first place. You can do this by avoiding temptations and definitely avoid having an affair at the office. An office affair is perhaps one of the worst that you can do. The reason is that not only are you risking your marriage but you are also risking your job and everything you have worked for so long. So how does one avoid having an office affair? Here are some tips from those that have avoided this type of temptation.

The first rule is never to flirt with anyone at work. Even in jest these acts of flirtation can eventually lead to a more serious relationship. Just do not open the door of that possibility. Make sure that there is a clear division between work and your home. Crossing the line or making the line blurry can distort even the most pragmatic.

The second rule to avoiding an office affair is to never have more then one drink with friends after work. Sure you can go out to have fun with your friends from work if you want to. The rule here is to make sure your judgment is not hindered by too much alcohol. If you know your judgment is hindered by just one drink then do not even do that! Always keep a level head.

The third rule is to keep your problems at home away from work. Never confide your problems at home to anyone in the office. You do not want to cross the line to leave an opening for someone to take advantage of your vulnerable state.

The fourth rule to have is to never allow yourself to have a good friend at work. This is especially true for those of the opposite sex. If you feel connected to someone at work then you are more likely consider an intimate relationship with them. Having friends at work is just fine but make sure that the relationship is kept professional.

The final rule is to never go as a two some to some outside work event. This can include people at work and clients. If a client has a ticket to a major sporting event make sure that you can bring your husband or wife. If you cannot bring your husband or wife then tactfully explain that you do not feel comfortable going to this event.

These rules will keep most people from even considering an intimate relationship with anyone at work. Believe me when I say that the affair in the office is the worst of affairs anyone can have. I have seen countless marriages broken up because of this. Not only that but many have lost their jobs, homes and reputations because of the lack of judgment displayed when starting an affair at the office.

Breaking free from an office affair is not an easy thing to do. Fortunately there are those that have done this before and succeeded .


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