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What Should You Do When You Notice Signs He is Cheating?


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Before you make accusations and make your suspicions known, consider these recommendations. Handling your concerns the right way can be critically important.

So, you've seen the warning signs and you think your man may be fooling around? It's horrible. There's nothing worse than dealing with a cheater. You feel betrayed. He lied to you. He did the worst thing he could possibly do. Your emotionally-charged, angry, disappointed and utterly disgusted.

Stop for a moment.

There's a difference between signs that he's cheating and rock-solid evidence of a transgression. Your suspicions might be dead-on right, but there is that outside chance that you're interpreting the signals incorrectly. There could be a logical explanation for what's happening. The odds might be remote and you may very well be right that he's been cheating on you, but unless you are completely, 100%, beyond a shadow of a doubt sure, you need to stop.

Think about the impact of the accusation you're about to make. Think about what it's going to do to your relationship. If you're married, you could be throwing down the gauntlet and risking divorce, which is no small matter. If you're not married, you may very well be guaranteeing that you're never going to see this guy again. Cheating is horrible. Despicable. It's so bad, in fact, that you need to be sure you have the absolute truth before making such a horrible accusation.

Don't ignore your gut. Don't pretend like the signs aren't there. That wouldn't be fair to you. Just be SURE that he is cheating before you take the next step. Don't automatically assume that those signs he is cheating are definitive proof.

No one deserves cheating. You certainly deserve better. Just keep in mind that accusing him of such an evil betrayal will have consequences-and you need to be sure before you assert yourself on this very serious subject.

If you even suspect that you're a victim of cheating, you deserve the truth-and you deserve it right now.

Take a few minutes to find out how to spot potential signs of infidelity and to learn how to catch a cheater quickly and easily.

If you have concerns, you need to get to the bottom of things right away. Stop suffering with the nagging questions, uncertainty and misery! Rye McKeever hopes to see you at No Cheating !


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Marriage Cheating Signs How to Catch a Cheating Spouse
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