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If Your Boyfriend is Showing These Signs of a Cheating Boyfriend Act Fast


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There are some experiences that human beings are better off not having the privilege of experiencing. Being cheated on is one of them. In this world of uncertainty and the recent precipitous dive in “family values", a cheater can find refuge in the anonymity of numbers. Shocking numbers! Statistically the average relationship has about a 50% chance of infidelity. Does this seem too high? Originally I thought so. But then again, I also realized I was in a small minority of people who actually do something about it. You made it this far so it's probably fair to deduce that we share some of the same qualities. Common fibers that seem prominent amongst people with dignity and at the very least a desire to recapture that fleeting self esteem.

It's an emotional roller-coaster. But this roller-coaster isn't scary in the conventional analogy. This is that roller-coaster at the annual state fair that you are terrified for your physical safety. You are scared for your life that it will fall apart and ultimately end in your demise. We often tend to worry about things for long periods of time waiting to take action. We often don't know what we're waiting for. We wait so long that each day that passes only increases the anxiety and the fear of the unknown.

GET A GRIP! This is your life. You call the shots. (At least you probably used to. ) Regain control and take back your confidence. Here are the some of the most prevalent signs of a cheating boyfriend, and how to remedy this situation once and for all.

10. “Hmmm. . . Honey, you know I am not one of those controlling girlfriends, but uuhh. . . where have you been!?! It 6 o'clock in the morning!" This is one of the more obvious signs of a cheating boyfriend, but one that is overlooked many. . . many times.

9. Your Boyfriend lacks that raging libido that once was on the verge of excessive.

8. Does your boyfriend fall under the repeat offender list when it comes to unfaithful behavior? Perhaps you have a clue already that you haven't looked into. Depending on your man's stories about past relationships this could be valuable evidence in building your case.

7. Are you being avoided? Has that sparkle in his eye morphed into an unwarranted distant gaze? This is what I like to call Ducking Behavior.

6. Hair evidence. Found any hair lately that doesn't quite match any hair that should be in your man's radius? This is another one of those signs of a cheating boyfriend that is taken for granted.

5. Paper Trail. Yes, conduct this step “Watergate Style". Have you noticed any recent purchases from your favorite jewelry store, waited as all of the relevant gift giving holidays have passed and no gift?

4. How about that email account? Better yet how about that computer? Anything look different? Cleaned up? Locked? Questionable MySpace surprises? Just got that intuition us women often get?

3. Ah yes, The ever so popular cell phone! Any new trends in his usage or lack thereof? How about texting, or vibrating ringer. How about not answering calls? Out of all the signs of a cheating boyfriend, this is one of the easiest to pick up on and get proof of infidelity.

2. Are his friends working in collusion with these question provoking scenarios? Men suck at covering for one another. Can you spot the inconsistencies?

1. Do you feel like you are trying to preserve something and constantly chasing a fading memory of happiness? Has everything changed? It is always possible your man has evolved into an even bigger jackass and there is nothing else to it! On the other hand maybe there is!! In either case, signs of a cheating boyfriend or not, it's time to move on.

***Warning*** We still have to build a solid case against our suspect. Any attempt at questioning now will only hurt our chances of gathering concrete evidence! As women we often think we have more than enough evidence yet since we cannot predict how our potential scum-bag of a boyfriend will answer, we must be prepared and satisfied with our evidence to avoid any untrue responses/excuses.

The author, Alicia Adams, has been the victim of a cheating boyfriend. She knows how it feels and can sympathize with your pain and frustration. The only difference between you and her right now is, she found the tools to help her gain solid proof. She is now dedicated to teaching others How to Catch a Cheating Boyfriend/Husband!

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4 Undisputable Signs That Your Boyfriend Is Cheating On You, And How To Avoid ..
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