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Signs of a Cheating Spouse


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Are you looking for signs of a cheating spouse? If you are secretly wondering and have a gut intuition that your spouse may be cheating. The last thing you want to do is ignore your feelings. Many times when we feel something we have a good reason to think the thoughts that we have. This article is written to help you look for some signs of a cheating spouse. We hope that after implementing the steps that your feelings were not true. However as you implement the steps be prepared for the answer.

It is never a good thing to find out that your spouse or anyone that you are in a relationship with; is being unfaithful. However it happens more often than we would like to believe. As a matter of fact 17% of marriages end because of infidelity in a marriage. So if you are wondering if you are being betrayed; what are some things you can begin looking for in your significant other that will reveal whether they are being unfaithful or not?

Believe it or not; your spouse may be giving you signals right now that they are having an affair with the other person, however you have no idea what to look for. There are certain things that your spouse will be doing differently and will scream whether or not they are having an affair.

1. Spending Money: We all spend money; however when you are married your spouse will usually tell you what they are spending money on. If you notice that money just starts disappearing from your account or the credit card is being used then it could be a warning flag that something is wrong. I am not saying that your spouse will always tell you when they are going to spend money; because sometimes I spend money without my husband knowing what I am doing; however I do tell him later down the road. We are both responsible for the finances; so I let him know when I spend money and he in turn will tell me.

You may notice as well that your spouse did not carry much cash in the past; and all of a sudden they want to begin carrying more cash. People who are cheating love to carry cash; because they do not leave a paper trail which can easily be discovered on the credit card bills and even the bank statements. Pay attention to your spouses finances. Yes you both may have separate bank accounts; however you should still be able to tell whether or not your spouse is spending more than usual.

2. Phone conversations: There will be more of them and most of them will be taken in private. This can mean that they are work related; however if when you enter the room and all of a sudden they hang up or begin whispering; beware of who is on the other end.

There are several signs of a cheating spouse that you can begin looking for to quit wondering whether your spouse is being faithful or not. Visit our site below and find out tons of other things to look for in your relationship to discover the truth.

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