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Break Free From An Affair - Its Time To Move On


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Nothing in life, save the passing of a close relative or friend will knock you down so hard as heart ache. Centuries and centuries of some of the greatest works or art and writings, have been built around the very institution that is a broken heart. A slow creeping feeling that paralyzes every part of your life, piece by piece. That is if you let it.

The famous author Carlos Castaneda, under the tutelage of the Shaman Don Juan. Was told, “anything in one's life can be changed or done away with in the blink of an eye, more often than not we just won't allow it". These are wise words. Never in the realm of unrequited love are they more poignant.

We hang on to this person or that person, not because we really want to but rather out of the fear that there will be no one else to ever replace them and having at least a shard of hope is something to live for. The problem is, right now your emotions have taken centre court and any rational or logical approach, simply is not viable. This does not mean to say that in time things won't get better because they will, we just have to allow change to take place. Life has a wonderful way of subtly altering our perceptions bit by bit. Much like how we don't notice ourselves getting any older in the mirror each day. It is only when we see an old photo that we realize just how much we have really changed.

If only we had the true intention of wanting this change, then life itself would move us out of the pain zone. We just have to allow it. This is the hard part, old habits die hard and unrequited love dies harder.

Need to break free from your affair ? Don't spend wasted months or years hanging in limbo. Life moves on, move with it.


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How to Make Your Christmas a Stress-Free Affair
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