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How to Save Your Marriage-3 Tips That Worked For Me

Gorry Terry

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The passing years are hard on relationships and particularly marriage.

And modern society places larger burdens than yesteryear because of the ease with which you can strike up a relationship with other people, even complete strangers.

With most relationships you can always walk away and start again with someone else. But when you marry your best friend and have 4 children together and the onset of time and years of taking each other for granted take a heavy toll on your relationship. . . then it is not a question of starting again.

Because of the committment, the children that you both love and on many occasions property ownership are major ties that bind and complicating factors.

So. .

Tip 1-Work at your relationship

Don't fall into the trap of “well this is the way I am. . take it or leave it". You must recognise your harmful behaviors and work at amending them so that you both can recognise the person that you fell in love with all those years ago.

Tip2-Make time together

This time should be just for you and your partner, without distractions. And you must commit to this and clear your schedule to accomodate it at least once a week where you will both discuss how life is, what happened during the day/week and how you are feeling.

Tip 3-Make dates

Yes, dates like when you started going out together. . and make it as realistic as possible with even a little time apart before your date to build the anticipation of meeting and even giving yourself a blast from the past of what it was like when you first met.

These 3 tips helped me in saving my marriage. . they can help you too.

But your partner must be prepared to commit to changing the existing pattern of your relationship along with you.

There are many other steps to help you save your marriage but the 3 tips outlined above will go a long way to putting the love and romance back into your relationship and even though it is years later now. . you can still find what you had back then, even if it is tempered by the growth of both of you as individuals.
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Several Useful Save Marriage Tips
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